Friday, 29 July 2011

Fashion Friday: Enjoying the sun and trying not to be lazy

Wore this when i went to one of the job interviews that's been attended in the last few months. It was for a watch shop in town and it was the best interview i ever had and my interviewer was really nice and positive. It was very sad not getting that job but i felt very fortunate. Was told at it that i was picked along with 25 other people out of 2000 Cv's! 

Just shows how bad the job situation is if 2000 people are applying for a 16 hour job that's minimum wage.

As far as i know i have been accepted for another job which is lovely after 2 years of looking for one. I kid you not!
Im waiting on hearing back about a start date.
(please dont change your mind job gods!)

Also im loving the weather here i enjoy sunshine so much makes me want to frollic, have picnics, trips the beach, walks in the forests in pretty frocks oh my yes! I hope everyone else is enjoying the nice weather in the UK for a change too!

My fashion item this week is of a scarf i got the other day. I seem to be collecting most items with animals and nature on them especially deers! I do so want a satchel as well but i feel guilty about buying things for myself even how tempting all the animal clothes are now!

On a random note me and some family members saw this in the sky last night. It was moving quite fast and had a bright light in the middle that looked like fire and the fire went out and it started to move downwards somewhere. I know it looks like a black dot in the piccy but it was a dark sphere looking thing which was ood. I assume it was a hot air balloon or a latern that lost its way. 
(looks like a dot on paper lol it was dark at the time)

What do you guys think?

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