Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Working and wishing on art Wednesday : Puddle duck feet/Exhibition

 ~Puddle Duck Feet~

She was invited to a fancy dress up party and she was the big guest...

Everyone wanted it to be perfect for her everything must be the best...

But sadly she wasnt the kindest of people and happened to bump into a witch...

Meeting unknownly she made a bad remark about her and she did get a nasty switch...

It didnt matter it was her party she should be kind of who she would meet...

To her horror she will have to waddle and paddle forever with puddle duck feet....


Sliver/Gold pen

Wanted to do something with ducks
Probably should give her a better story ><

and somehow by accient i cant help but be remineded of Sammy from the cookiebutton by the way ive drew her >_>
Not that you deserve puddle duck feet sammy! <3


I also entered my work in the Dunkeld art exhibiton on Monday! All info is on their site and on my facebook art page!


  1. Tehe, aww! This is sweet!

  2. thank you kindly and for the follow <3<3


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