Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Blog changes from now on

Hey ho let’s go!

Hello again everyone I’ve been browsing the great interwebs and making accounts on other sites such as tumblrtwitter, an artist Facebook page and how to be a better blogger.

I was feeling my blog has been…lacking after reading, looking and loving all the other bloggers and artists I 
watch on here on a weekly basis.

So I’ve decided to make my updates more regular, A LOT shorter and only on certain days of the week!
Starting with…

Movie, Music, and Muse Monday!
On Mondays I plan do a post about awesome and inspiring movies and music that I really love or feel would be great to share with others expect some weirdness from me ha! Muse’s will be of other artists I find inspiring they could be from history, the now or even artists/friends I know! So look forward to your own post here and there!

There will also be little facts included in the posts about each subject!

Working and wishing in Art Wednesday 
I still would like to very much work on art and share it with you as this is what my blogs was intended for in the first place. So this day will be for showing you new art or pieces I’ve finished or been working on. I’ll also post old work as embarrassing as some of it is and post news about art related things I’m involved in such as projects, exhibitions, etc.

(pssst! I would like to start a collab with you all over the summer over the internets!)

And last but not least…

Fashion Friday!
This day will be dedicated to all things girly and pretty that I’m so fond of and embracing my feminity fully and cause it’s just fun! On this day ill post a page of a little project I’ve been working on in this little notebook, can’t wait to share it with you all! Also this post will be joined by either a pretty item I own such as clothes, jewellery, make up, all the works!

As for the weekends I shall post on my storybook tape videos that are up on YouTube when I can so these posts won’t be every weekend.

I do hope you enjoy these changes and I’ll get the ball rolling and start them up and hopefully this will get me more motivated and have fun. 

Till your next posts or comments lovely’s! <3

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