Monday, 2 May 2011

Weird habbits and Del Toro

The sun has been out and about for days and its been ever so lovely i try to go outside a lot more now even if its just for walks. Ive been out on walks with my dad, our doggie, my nieces and an old friend. Its hard to be in a sour mood or feel aniexty which is so lovely. I have had bad dreams from time to time about silly things that worry me. But overall ive been very happy and productive.

I have such weird habbits lately ive been watching and reading up on serial killers. I like to understand the psychology of the human psyche its something thats always interested me. I dont tend to talk much to others about my weird interests which include things like that as such.

Artistically i feel like ive woken up from a long hibernation over the past few years that nothing could wake me from. Ive started creating ideas again and being productive with other artists and its been wonderful.
Im thinking about starting to do videos about my old sketchbooks or do tutorials on how to make a fun and healthy sketchbook. 
Would anyone be interested in that at all?

Ive always met people in my past courses who found it difficult to do sketchbooks or use media in them. I want to make this process easier for people because it is greatly rewarding seeing your work outcome.

I still get inspired very much aswell along the way and its pretty awesome lol!

As an example i do know that Del Toro creator of Pans Labyrinth and the orphanage just to name a couple. 

Is in process of creating a 3D stop motion animation film based on Pinocchio its very exciting!

Some figure examples and some concept art.

I went out shopping with Mum the other day and i got some lovely things.

 I got this clipboard with matching stationary their was other things like boxes and art books with the same design and they were all so pretty i wanted them all! @o@ But i settled for this.

 I also keep finding really old copies of Alice in wonderland books in charity shops and ive gotten into the habbit of buying them cause their always cheap and such a gem to have. Im nearly done with through the looking glass.

 I also got this China tea cup set it was very cheap and with the roses on it i couldnt resist! Ive been wanting a beautiful old tea set for some time but could never decide on which ones i wanted
Another alice book i found a little while ago.

Im also working on a new piece but im taking my time with it and being rather picky about it >n<

I also did a new story tape video

Its about a lion who wears glasses and is like DEAL WITH IT! LOL!

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