Monday, 16 May 2011

Exhibition news creativeness for esty and fun

Hello everyone I hope everyone is awesome possum and being artistic and happy. Im cosy in bed enjoying mixed fruit tea and seasoned garlic crackers with cheese spread oh my so tasty!

Ive been making more things here and there and having fun. Ive signed up for the Dunkled Exhibition in June im very excited and happy but also humbled. Im entering 3 pieces that you already all know and they will be A3 size and im planning to get them framed professionally. Baby steps! baby steps! waaaaah!

If your an artist and in scotland totally try and join in, it will probably be awesome!

Getting prints done can be so expensive i got some black and white prints done of my black and white drawings i did recently on normal paper. And they got so much money i was like waaaaah what happened to my wallet! *moth* ;n; being an artist can be so expensive and tricky sometimes. But i wouldnt trade being able to create for anything in the world!

This is why im starting to sell my previous work for more supplies and also i think im planning to go to University or art school next year and its expensive!

But i have done some new work!

Im making these little guys into badges and maybe even stickers for my ESTY shop!

Waaaaah i love my little mini monsters and also hope to add my clay creations, oringinal pieces and such and such and such! Always wanted to have an online store makes me so happy!

On a side silly girly note i got a dress for 4 pounds waaaah it has bunnys on it!
waaaah im so poor lolzors!

Yeahs i look like a scary stick witchy woman in the corner and im gonna eat you! But its with love grrrrr!

Ive also found many many lovely stop motion and cartoons on youtube i wish to share but ill do that on my next entry!


I did a new story tape video aswell, its The Snow Queen one of my favs and i love this version i hope you do too!

I look forward to all your new works, journals, and blogs!

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