Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Beach easter and good vibes

Been still pretty positive and busy with family and creating things again. I hav'nt felt this good about being me in a long time and im loving every bit. It's all very simple things but i like that so much more and i cant wait to get some of my goals done.
Some of my family members are still going through hard times and sometimes its hard and it does hurt. But I know it will be alright for them in the end and they are trying and doing their best and they dont mean to hurt. 

But ive been creating away in my new spring clean art space i made for myself. I have been outside a lot because of the sunshine and been spending alot of time with family. I went to a beach a few weeks ago and it was so so so wonderful i never go to beaches. It made me so happy and the beach town was so beautiful and friendly.

 Me in all my beachy glory im so white being a geek hermit!

 Testing the waters.
 Blocking out the sun for the photo, im so lame but my shirt is pretty cool it has owls.

 This was a library next to the bus stop in the town waaaaah most beautiful library ive ever seeeeeen.!

It was realleeeeeeeee nice.

We also did an Easter egg hunt for my nieces it was such a lot of fun i really enjoyed doing it for them.

Crows stole 6 eggs before the hunt began even tho i love them still. 

Bloody Crows...

I'm going to upload some new work soon to and past work from my courses on this blog, my art blog and DA.

Did you all have a good easter? <3


  1. I am happy things are still going so well for you! Its a bummer that you are on the other side of the earth. I think we would get along well ^^

  2. @Starlen
    Oh my what a delight that would be. We could do so many fun things together would be grand <3
    How have you been dear?

  3. Oh things have been a bit crazy, but I am kicking and well. How about you?

  4. Things can be good when their crazy keeps one busy! Ive been alright been a lot happier and productive <3


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