Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Some inspirations and support for some friends

I feel bad for not updating blogger and being away from deviantart for some time now, maybe the longest ive been away for nearly a year. I had some bad turns recently that have made me not be able to work on further paintings or pieces. I felt guilty for updating anything empty handed. Ive also had trouble with the councilor shes not got back to my doctor or anyone so maybe something happened to her. My doctor has referred me to some other nurses for help but its been taking far to long and is unfair. He did say sorry though but he doesnt understand whats happened to her either.

Ive been missing everyones work and entries a lot and hope to catch up to everyone in the next week or two and also upload some new work. Ive also been job hunting and applied to places, still being in touch with the magazine aswell but i dont know how its going to go even tho the people ive emailed are very nice. Ive also  made progress with my budgies they came out the cage for the first time since ive had them. Their very entertaining and sweet.

My health has its good days and bad days, im always tired and i have been eating alright but ive been putting on a bit of weight and it makes me feel uneasy. Its probably cause im not used to it but ive not ate anything today and my skin has been very ugly lately. Ive been spending time with my mum and family aswell to help my mood. I went shopping with my mum and i went on a walk with my dad and doggie. 

Ive also realised i have no friends apart from one, but its not bothered me at all really. I still did and do try to make contact with past friends for birthdays and such. But because of last years resent events its changed me to much. I feel like i cant trust anyone or get close to anyone and i dont want to, people disappoint me to much. Im not putting myself into a caring position anymore to be let down buy anyone. i recently bought some new cheap pretty things for myself but i guess i could update with that 
another time. 

But enough of my uninteresting life here is some artists ive recently discovered that i must share with you.


(Some images contain nudity!)
(And all text from Wikipedia)

"Dino Valls is a Spanish painter born in 1959 in Zaragoza. Since 1988, he has lived and worked in Madrid.
Building on a childhood passion for drawing, Valls taught himself to paint in oils beginning in 1975. After completing his degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Zaragoza in 1982, Valls devoted himself full-time to the profession of painting.
As one of the Spanish representatives of the vanguard of figurative art, Valls' work displays the strong influence of past masters and their studies of the human being. In the early '90s, Valls began studying the use of egg tempera, adapting and customizing the techniques of Italian and Flemish masters from the fifteenth to seventeenth centuries to create new works in combinations of tempera and oil. His paintings elaborate and expand upon the methods of past masters, employing formal figurative techniques as the medium through which to explore the human psyche in a conceptual framework laden with profound psychological weight and symbolism."

My favourite one ive fallen deeply in love with hits mans work. I cant get over how well he paints the human form and the deep sad expressions and eyes so well.


Kate Street

So delicate and accurate.


"Joel-Peter Witkin (born September 13, 1939, in BrooklynNew York City) is an American photographer who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His work often deals with such themes as death, corpses (and sometimes dismembered portions thereof), and various outsiders such as dwarfstranssexualshermaphrodites, and physically deformed people. Witkin's complex tableaux often recall religious episodes or famous classical paintings."

"Witkin claims that his vision and sensibility were initiated by an episode he witnessed when he was just a small child, a car accident that occurred in front of his house in which a little girl was decapitated.
It happened on a Sunday when my mother was escorting my twin brother and me down the steps of the tenement where we lived. We were going to church. While walking down the hallway to the entrance of the building, we heard an incredible crash mixed with screaming and cries for help. The accident involved three cars, all with families in them. Somehow, in the confusion, I was no longer holding my mother's hand. At the place where I stood at the curb, I could see something rolling from one of the overturned cars. It stopped at the curb where I stood. It was the head of a little girl. I bent down to touch the face, to speak to it -- but before I could touch it someone carried me away"."


I have some blogger and fellow artists who have been having bad times lately. I have commented on some of your entries as support and fun times. One of them recently had a bad time with someone who copied her work and gave her no credit at all. This can be an artists worst downfall and is very contradicting for others who call them selfs artists. Its one thing to be influenced by other artists but its completely theft to copy another's work and not give them credit. I listened to a radio chat years ago about what its like for artists when their work is stolen or copyrighted. I wanted to post it up on here but im unsure of its name but it makes the point completely.

I do also hope my other friend who was the give away winner is feeling better and is getting much love.

I hope to update with new work in my next entry and also start getting the fairytale story tapes up on youtube since i got a cable to do it now. <3


  1. *hugs* im sorry youre not feelin much better hun but im glad youre still lookin for jobs and such, hopefully some new art will cheer you up <3

    that last piece by Dino Valls looks alot like your 'possessive' painting you did a while back ^^ how cool.

    also i LOVE that last artist you posted..witkin ...SO cool


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