Friday, 7 January 2011

thank yous and bday rambles

I wanted to thank you all such lovely lovely people who wished me a happy bday it was quite a surprise. It was very nice of you all and it made me feel that thinking about my online friends and fellow artists everyday wasnt a waste of time. I did this little picture as a thank you for the love and also pageviews and new watchers ive recieved. Thank you very much i appreciate it a lot. <3 <3 <3

My Bday was quiet and some family came to wish me a happy bday and i got some lovely gifts. Was ever so nice. Im drowning in new clothes i got to many for christmas and have nowhere to put them all waaaaah. Their so lovely tho and my room has to many lovely things in it now that theirs no space. ;n; 
I dont deserve such lovely things i really dont. Im so uncomfortable getting gifts.

I got this cute birthday cake my parents got it for me as a surprise.

I wrapped tiny pieces of cake in these tiny bags ive had sitting in my room for years i was so happy i found a purpose for them! Wrapped them up and gave them out to people in my family.

Would you like some? <3

Here are some gifts i received.

Their so beautiful and wonderful im really not worthy TnT

And i got this beautiful book from my friend in France Emiley she never forgets my bday without fail every year. We have never met but i feel very connected to her as a person and soul.
She got me a beautiful book about houses for fairies oh i love it so much its darling!

Waaaaah im so lucky! <3<3<3

Im making progress with  my new babies aswell their feeding from my fingers now and one of them put a foot on my finger today. Get so excited and nervous when they get closer to me such a silly girl i am X3

My babies and my big dumpy timid hand waaah.

 But yeahs was a nice bday and i hope to go and get new art materials but weve got more snow. Im worried it will ruin the giveaway because of post and supplies waaaaah ;n;


Also does Anyone remember these?

Their audio books i collected when i was younger theirs not much about them on the web or anywhere. Their very rare and hard to collect since no one makes them anymore. I had the good fortune of receiving the entire collection as a wonderful christmas gift. I cant find anything about the publishers anywhere and was wondering if i should archive them on the internet. Does anyone want me to do that? Do you think i would get into trouble putting them on the web just so people can enjoy them? Like on youtube with the audio recorded and scans of the pictures? 
I would give full credit to the publishers and copyright to them if i could find them.

Because they are tapes and thin books it would be tragic if they stopped working or crumbled over time lost forever. They meant very much to me as a child and would love to pass that on to others that enjoyed them.

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