Sunday, 2 January 2011

Headaches and you could push pins into my skin but i wouldnt feel it

Theirs still time for the giveaway! It ends on January the 10th!


I feel bad for not updating this blog so much lately, im so worried ill loose touch with my followers and online friends. Theirs a lot going on in my life that i feel i cannot discuss just yet still, its very hard to discuss by tongue even. Im still susposed to be seeing a councilor and i had a very bad episode on christmas eve night. It must of been hard for my parents to see the way i was, but my dad wants me to see a doctor ever sooner now.

I really do hope everyone had a great christmas tho and a really good new years. I do hope that 2011 will be a good year for everyone and i really do hope i make a good fresh start myself. I want to dedicate myself to my art more than ever really and i hope to do that and get better again.

I got some new art materials for christmas which i hope to begin working with soon. Also got some new clothes, i have to many clothes now waaaaah. 

Christmas was really good this year, better than expected everyone really like my presents i got for them. I even made one of my sisters cry with the special messages i put in all the tags.
I was worried christmas would be hard for me to cope with because of this years troubles but i guess my upset the night before it got a lot of stuff out.

Christmas outfit for this year, with giant pile of presents in the way i did for my family.

My birthday is also on January the 4rth, the only present i would want tho is that i could get better and healthier again. And also that the word would spread about my art around the internet or if anyone would know anyone else that would like my art/online shop or to work with me PLEASE LET THEM KNOW! or if anyone would have any tips on being a good artist or trying to get their work out there i would appreciate all the help. I could do an art trade with you as thanks! <3

Theirs so much i want to say and so much i want to show. I will try and work on more paintings soon and hopefully update with them.

I want to try really hard to get my shop up and running on Esty im worried i wont be a good bussiness artist but im always trying things. Its something ive always really really wanted to do, i have prints of some of my paintings i got done at a printing place. Plus now with badges of my work, little clay charms, and i dabble in mixed media pieces. 
This is what i will include in my shop if i get to open it soon, anyone got any tips? Or think what im going to put on it is silly? 

 Im becoming an old silly woman and would like to do something with my life, i feel like time is my enemy always.


  1. Just keep your chin up! I am sure this year will be good for you, especially if you really want it to be.

    I feel the same about my art. This year I am going to dedicate a great deal more time to it. As for spreading your art, I am not sure what else you can do. Trying to figure that one out for myself. Have a deviantart but beyond that I don't know haha.

    Hope you feel better and healthier soon. Seeking some of that myself as well. I also hope you have a wonderful birthday as well :)

  2. thank you for all your kind words it means a lot <3

    i hope your new year will be good to you and good luck with expanding your art skills. <3


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