Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Giveaway Winner!

The name i picked out of the hat was...

Username: Starlen
Gender: Female
Song: Weightless - Sissel

Congrats on being picked by luck of the draw! I do hope you enjoy the prizes. Please send me a note on DA or an email to contact me details so i can send you them! 

I want to thank everyone else for joining in on the giveaway it means alot. If i could i would of let everyone win cause you guys with your support and your art mean a lot to me.

If you would like we could do some art trades together as a little something to spread the art love :love: let me know if your interested!

Ill probably do another giveaway in the near future!

thanks again everyone i look forward to your new art and love 

This giveaway was to celebrate me opening my Esty Shop (Coming soon)






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  2. WOW! congrats to Starlen on winning the lucky raffle! :-)
    thank you for hosting this wonderful event, Debz <3 though i wish i could have won something!

    i hope you will be able to open you're new etsy shop soon! i remember you commented on one of my blog post about needing some help about managing your shop? if so, i will be more than happy to assist you! dont be afraid to ask about any specifics. :-)


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