Friday, 28 January 2011

Giveaway package previews and productivity

This was the goodies i sent away to the giveaway winner included was a print of the painting she wanted with its story and a small letter. Im glad it go to her safely, this is also how i plan to prepare prints and goods bought in my Esty shop.

I wanted to use red wax for the seal but they didnt have any ;n; and also i cant beleave how riddiculous it was to obtain a letter stamp. All the art stores i went to didnt have any apart from plastic and wooden ones of all sorts of things other than letters and were so pricey! Ended up getting this one at a hardware store instead.

Sealed with a tinfoilrose just especially for you! <3
I was happy that the package didnt cost much money either which makes me feel better about postage to people interested in buying my work and further giveaways.


Ive been a lot more productive im organising my room better to help my mood and make my enviroment better to live and work in. Im going through all my clothes aswell and getting rid of the ones i dont need or wear anymore. I may put some of them for sale on here if anyone is interested. Im also going to be doing those story book tapes on youtube soon.

Oh also a magazine has taken an interest in my photography and i may be doing work for them in the future. They have also expressed interest in doing a page about my work its very exciting and i feel very lucky to be even considered.

I hope to get started on some new paintings aswell.


  1. thank you! <3<3<3

    Im glad to see youve posted more work up on your blogs aswell, they look grand!


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