Friday, 28 January 2011

Giveaway package previews and productivity

This was the goodies i sent away to the giveaway winner included was a print of the painting she wanted with its story and a small letter. Im glad it go to her safely, this is also how i plan to prepare prints and goods bought in my Esty shop.

I wanted to use red wax for the seal but they didnt have any ;n; and also i cant beleave how riddiculous it was to obtain a letter stamp. All the art stores i went to didnt have any apart from plastic and wooden ones of all sorts of things other than letters and were so pricey! Ended up getting this one at a hardware store instead.

Sealed with a tinfoilrose just especially for you! <3
I was happy that the package didnt cost much money either which makes me feel better about postage to people interested in buying my work and further giveaways.


Ive been a lot more productive im organising my room better to help my mood and make my enviroment better to live and work in. Im going through all my clothes aswell and getting rid of the ones i dont need or wear anymore. I may put some of them for sale on here if anyone is interested. Im also going to be doing those story book tapes on youtube soon.

Oh also a magazine has taken an interest in my photography and i may be doing work for them in the future. They have also expressed interest in doing a page about my work its very exciting and i feel very lucky to be even considered.

I hope to get started on some new paintings aswell.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Some Late inspirations and i want to be a bee again

I would like to do a post soon about the giveaway prizes I prepared but ill do that soon.

I remembered I watched some interesting and surreal films a few months ago which I thought I should share cause they seem like they would be everyones cup of tea on here.

The first film is 
Valerie and Her Week of Wonders

"Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (Czech: Valerie a týden divů) is a 1970 Czech film directed by Jaromil Jireš and based on the 1935 novel of the same name byVítězslav Nezval.
The 1970 film adaptation of Valerie a týden divů was filmed in 1969 starring the then 13-year-old Jaroslava Schallerová as Valerie, with a supporting cast of Helena Anýžová, Karel Engel, Jan Klusák, Petr Kopriva, among others. It was filmed in the Czech town of Slavonice and surrounding areas. The film portrays the heroine as living in a disorienting dream, seduced by priests, vampires, men and women a

I quite like this film it was a nice change from the normal style of films and mainstream movies we watch mostly. I would say its in the Avant Grade style and a mix of milder surreal Alice with a Religious painting. The film themes are mostly that of puberty and the trails of growing up and religion against human erges. But their shown through the characters with folk lore and magic as metaphors to create a bizarre world in a real setting.

As and example Valerie turns 13 which also starts her to begin her period which she takes lightly and also possess magic ear rings of her Mothers. The ear rings make her immortal and play are a main feature against the dark magic and vampires she meets. Its set in a beautiful Czech town in a huge beautiful mansion for the most part with a huge garden with crumbling walls and overgrown plants.


The second film is a film called 
Black Moon

"Black Moon, a 1975 film directed by Louis Malle, was the winner of two French César Awards (for sound and cinematography). Shown at the 1975 New York Film Festival, it was distributed in the United States by 20th Century Fox.
The free-flowing narrative pivots around a confused teenager (Cathryn Harrison) who witnesses a war between the sexes and finds herself involved in numerous dream-like situations at a country estate. An underlying subtext offers a convoluted commentary on the women's movement of the 1970s.
Also in the cast are Joe DallesandroTherese Giehse, and Alexandra Stewart. The film was shot in Malle's own 200-year-old manor house and Malle's surrounding 225-acre (0.91 km2) estate in the lush, wild Dordogne valley in Quercy, near Cahors."

I will admit this film didnt settle with me aswell as Valerie did but i did watch the entire movie. It's a movie that is probably one of the most odd movies ive ever seen. But it keeps you entertained enough to want to know why and what is happening. You want to know why is their a war going on between men and woman? Why is this one girl not taking part? Who are all the weird characters she meets? Why do they not speak sense or why does she not even question them?

If your not into surreal or dont have the paitence of trying to understand weird characters and narrative then this movie may not be for you. But it does have some lovely imagery and lots of artistic value and makes you thin outside the box because it is outside the box. It may be difficult to understand or accept at parts but i feel that this is point of it.


I have plans to become very busy with more art and productive as a person as a whole. I want to do so many things including putting things in my Esty shop very soon.
Take care <3

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Giveaway Winner!

The name i picked out of the hat was...

Username: Starlen
Gender: Female
Song: Weightless - Sissel

Congrats on being picked by luck of the draw! I do hope you enjoy the prizes. Please send me a note on DA or an email to contact me details so i can send you them! 

I want to thank everyone else for joining in on the giveaway it means alot. If i could i would of let everyone win cause you guys with your support and your art mean a lot to me.

If you would like we could do some art trades together as a little something to spread the art love :love: let me know if your interested!

Ill probably do another giveaway in the near future!

thanks again everyone i look forward to your new art and love 

This giveaway was to celebrate me opening my Esty Shop (Coming soon)






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Monday, 10 January 2011

Giveaway is now closed!

The giveaway is now closed. Thank you everyone for entering! its been fun and exciting

:star: Ive put all the entries into a hat and a winner will be picked at random and maybe even another giveaway will be started after this one! :star:

I'll announce the winner tomorrow on DA and my blog!

Good luck everyone and thank you muchums

This giveaway was to celebrate me opening my Esty Shop






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Friday, 7 January 2011

thank yous and bday rambles

I wanted to thank you all such lovely lovely people who wished me a happy bday it was quite a surprise. It was very nice of you all and it made me feel that thinking about my online friends and fellow artists everyday wasnt a waste of time. I did this little picture as a thank you for the love and also pageviews and new watchers ive recieved. Thank you very much i appreciate it a lot. <3 <3 <3

My Bday was quiet and some family came to wish me a happy bday and i got some lovely gifts. Was ever so nice. Im drowning in new clothes i got to many for christmas and have nowhere to put them all waaaaah. Their so lovely tho and my room has to many lovely things in it now that theirs no space. ;n; 
I dont deserve such lovely things i really dont. Im so uncomfortable getting gifts.

I got this cute birthday cake my parents got it for me as a surprise.

I wrapped tiny pieces of cake in these tiny bags ive had sitting in my room for years i was so happy i found a purpose for them! Wrapped them up and gave them out to people in my family.

Would you like some? <3

Here are some gifts i received.

Their so beautiful and wonderful im really not worthy TnT

And i got this beautiful book from my friend in France Emiley she never forgets my bday without fail every year. We have never met but i feel very connected to her as a person and soul.
She got me a beautiful book about houses for fairies oh i love it so much its darling!

Waaaaah im so lucky! <3<3<3

Im making progress with  my new babies aswell their feeding from my fingers now and one of them put a foot on my finger today. Get so excited and nervous when they get closer to me such a silly girl i am X3

My babies and my big dumpy timid hand waaah.

 But yeahs was a nice bday and i hope to go and get new art materials but weve got more snow. Im worried it will ruin the giveaway because of post and supplies waaaaah ;n;


Also does Anyone remember these?

Their audio books i collected when i was younger theirs not much about them on the web or anywhere. Their very rare and hard to collect since no one makes them anymore. I had the good fortune of receiving the entire collection as a wonderful christmas gift. I cant find anything about the publishers anywhere and was wondering if i should archive them on the internet. Does anyone want me to do that? Do you think i would get into trouble putting them on the web just so people can enjoy them? Like on youtube with the audio recorded and scans of the pictures? 
I would give full credit to the publishers and copyright to them if i could find them.

Because they are tapes and thin books it would be tragic if they stopped working or crumbled over time lost forever. They meant very much to me as a child and would love to pass that on to others that enjoyed them.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Headaches and you could push pins into my skin but i wouldnt feel it

Theirs still time for the giveaway! It ends on January the 10th!


I feel bad for not updating this blog so much lately, im so worried ill loose touch with my followers and online friends. Theirs a lot going on in my life that i feel i cannot discuss just yet still, its very hard to discuss by tongue even. Im still susposed to be seeing a councilor and i had a very bad episode on christmas eve night. It must of been hard for my parents to see the way i was, but my dad wants me to see a doctor ever sooner now.

I really do hope everyone had a great christmas tho and a really good new years. I do hope that 2011 will be a good year for everyone and i really do hope i make a good fresh start myself. I want to dedicate myself to my art more than ever really and i hope to do that and get better again.

I got some new art materials for christmas which i hope to begin working with soon. Also got some new clothes, i have to many clothes now waaaaah. 

Christmas was really good this year, better than expected everyone really like my presents i got for them. I even made one of my sisters cry with the special messages i put in all the tags.
I was worried christmas would be hard for me to cope with because of this years troubles but i guess my upset the night before it got a lot of stuff out.

Christmas outfit for this year, with giant pile of presents in the way i did for my family.

My birthday is also on January the 4rth, the only present i would want tho is that i could get better and healthier again. And also that the word would spread about my art around the internet or if anyone would know anyone else that would like my art/online shop or to work with me PLEASE LET THEM KNOW! or if anyone would have any tips on being a good artist or trying to get their work out there i would appreciate all the help. I could do an art trade with you as thanks! <3

Theirs so much i want to say and so much i want to show. I will try and work on more paintings soon and hopefully update with them.

I want to try really hard to get my shop up and running on Esty im worried i wont be a good bussiness artist but im always trying things. Its something ive always really really wanted to do, i have prints of some of my paintings i got done at a printing place. Plus now with badges of my work, little clay charms, and i dabble in mixed media pieces. 
This is what i will include in my shop if i get to open it soon, anyone got any tips? Or think what im going to put on it is silly? 

 Im becoming an old silly woman and would like to do something with my life, i feel like time is my enemy always.

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