Thursday, 23 December 2010

Feathers making my eyes heavy with sweet melodies

Theirs still time for the giveaway if anyone still is interested!

Ive been a busy bee as of late i feel like all i have done for weeks is do christmas shopping and tackle snow. I wanted to do somemore painting aswell but have had little energy. My room floor is covered in wrapped presents. Spent the entire of yestarday wrapping gifts and still not finished. My family is way to big.

Being on a Beatrix potter binge lately while shopping i found these beautiful finds.

Their story and sticker books of some of her stories their so precious and pretty, im going to give them to my nieces as an extra christmas gift and i got some doubles of them so im going to keep the doubles myself. Im a sucker for stickers its my small hobby to collect them and also hats.

Also as a special find in a sale i found this!

Its a Jemima Puddle Duck baby toy @o@ oh my! its the sweetest thing ive ever bought and its so amazingly soft. I knew i had to get it and keep it since the last time i saw these was last christmas and theirs always very few. Jemima puddle duck has always been my favourite character of Beatrix Potter. I explained this in my huge Blog entry about Beatrix potter a while ago. <3

Even the tiny little peter rabbit stitched so clearfully on the seal so sweet! @u@

But yeahs i cant beleave how tired i am all the time, ive been going to bed at very early hours then getting up at early hours. Im sad that it makes me less productive when i can be on my own with quiet for a few hours.

I painted this small robin on a tiny Canvas for a friend of my Mums. She likes birds a great deal and Mum asked me to do this for her. Its the first ive used canvas for quite a long time i feel im not very good at it. But their is a good feeling about painting on Canvas because it seems like such a tradition or artistic trait to do. Since its how all the old masters did such things, my tiny robin is humbled by their master pieces and effort.

Im quite a fan of birds myself and always have been somehow.

I saw Tron last friday in 3d was pretty amazing and exciting, would of been happy to have seen Daft punk through the whole film tho hee hee!

I came home exhausted but full of Ramen which ive not had since January oh what a treat it made me so happy to have tasted it again. I wanted chicken gyzoa aswell but the place everyone went to didnt have any its sooooo good aswell waaaah maybe another time ;n;

When i got home tho i was greeted with a wonderful surprise! Say hello to our newest family members!

My parents got me some budgies as an early christmas gift! Waaaaaaaah! their so lovely and great company, they havent got used to me yet but i hope they will ;n; i want birdie friends cause i have no friends!
Ive decided to call them Fortune and Cookie i hope they like their new home. Ive got them so many toys and luxuaries for budgies their so spoiled and ive been researching how to take care of them like crazy. So many things i did not know about budgie care!

Ive been catching up on a lot of movies over the past couple of months such as my asian horror fix and some really surreal and beautiful movies. Been meaning to write about them and reconmend them on here but not got around to cause been to busy with christmas sadly and being stuck at friends lol!

I figure my blogs are pretty boring anyway my life isnt very interesting. If i dont write before then I hope everyone has a great christmas and that its not as akward as mine will be! <3



    also, those stickers rock lol

  2. What lovely things you have picked up. The art for the rabbits is so adorable! As for your bird painting I really like the composition!

    Hey did you ever hear of the Guinea Pig Films?

    You should check them out! Merry Christmas <3

  3. awww thank you <3 <3 <3

    yeahs i adore the art style very much its so sweet.

    yeahs ive had the guinea pig films for a while ive watched 4 of them or so their interesting. thanks for reconmending them tho <3 good to know you like asian horror too ^^


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