Friday, 19 November 2010

Preparing for Online shop and giveaway

Ive been working away to prepare for the opening of my Esty online shop. Im very excited to do this because ive wanted to do it for quite some time. Im trying to take my career as an artist a lot more seriously. Reviewing my past work and my skills ive found that im very capable of making so many things in all sorts of media. Im more computer savy aswell now to be able to run a small bussiness.

Im still debating on prices for pieces and because of cost on what it takes to make it. But im getting there slowly but surely.

Im also working on the giveway aswell and what to exactly giveaway lol but ill figure it out.

Also in other news ive made an appointment to start seeing a councilor, it was very hard for me to even ask for help. I could barely speak which i think made my doctor very uncomfortable, i do beleave art is what will help me the most tho, but im not sure of this time.

With hope i beleave that my small bussiness will help me through things and keep my mind busy.

I also don't know whats happening with my pay at this time still.

Thank you all for the support and advice it means so much to me. <3


  1. Wahhhh!! I love all the pictures!!!
    I look so forward to your site!!

  2. Your art is really charming! I'd love to buy some pieces once your shop is open~

  3. Hi!!! I love what you do!!! It's so great!!
    I follow you!!

  4. @Nono eeee thank you so much that makes me so glad! <3

    @Fifi Thank you so much your to kind <3 waaah really?! gosh ill do my best not to disappoint <3

    hello! thank you kindly ill follow you to <3


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