Friday, 19 November 2010

Outsider Art

While i have been working away late at night in the silence and warmth of my bed, i decided to have a look at art for a while. Art outside of deviantart and the blogs and websites i usually visit as beautiful as they are. Art that i would usually learn about in a classroom. It refreshes our minds and hearts even if its not art we may not fancy or understand completely.

So i started reading up on outsider artists and Art Brut, once i begin to learn about an art movement, person, or style i will read and research it on my own till my eyes can no longer see straight. I learned so much of Outsider artists and Art Brut and the fact that a lot of it has to do with mental health intrigued me further.

I have been interested in art and mental health issues for as long as i can remember it just fascinates me. And the fact that outsider art is of the artists own value and labour not for money, fame or reconition appeals to me in so many ways.
It is what art should be, it shouldnt be the worrying thought, the cost of it, or a voice telling you its wrong to a certain standard, or because of the dislike of a loud person.

It is yours and it was yours and you did that to express yourself purely for that fact and that's what it should be. This is something that should never be forgotten as hard as it can be to remember.

Outsider art

(Want to thank S.Jin for introducing me to this wonderful man.)

These are just some of the artists ive been looking at and their work, simply incredible!

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