Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Leeking some misery

Ive been very uphappy for a quite a while, it has been a bad year. I quit my job last week as a catering assistant.
This was because I was mistreated again and because i didnt get paid and any questions i asked about my pay or help i wanted has been ignored.

I cried the night i found out i wasnt getting paid after a month of work but i did 89 hours with only two breaks through that time. I was only susposed to do 16 hours per week.

Im very capable of the job and can take the stress of a workload and i did my work propperly. But because of events that happened this year that are still to painful to discuss i couldnt take that.

Ive been keeping alot in and its finally taking its toil, i almost feel like a broken person and im only 21.
Many of you might think im being childish or wanting pity.
But this isnt the case, im just letting stuff out because no one will listen outside of the internet or probably on it.
It just helps me, ive been crying for days and i get teary if subjects come up with what happened.

Ive been considering seeing a talking doctor to maybe help me if i dont get any better.

I do know that i still have my art and want to make it and i finally want to try and make a living or bussiness out of that like ive always wanted to do.

Maybe this will make me happier again so ive decided to try this because i really dont know what else will help me.

Im going to open a esty shop finally because i have many prints and crafts of my work that need a home and love.
If it was up to me i would not ask for money because i know money is bad for nearly everyone.
So instead ill make things that are of value to me more than money and made with the love and emotion i have left in me.
This is why if someone paid for anything its not like their getting nothing in return, their getting the fruit of my labour and soul.

Hopefully would like to do this soon and im also going to have a giveaway to celebrate its opening for anyone thats interested. But i will post another journal/blog about this in the near future.

Im also avaible for comissions, hey maybe someone will read this or someone they know might want art or a craft as christmas present.

All i can do is try, its all ive got left.


  1. i'm quite at a loss for what to say, or if anything i say would help to make you feel better.... but i know what it is like to feel this way sometime....
    i dont think any professional help is necessary, as long as you have are able to do artwork, because that is what seems to make you happy...

  2. Do not worry for the lack of words, its just even wonderful that you read the post and want to help. <3
    Thats very kind of you and i have been feeling this way, im focusing on my art a lot more to try and help me through this.

    Its also great to read your blog and all the wonderful things you have been doing and collecting and making. That museum you went to sounds incredible i would like to live there.

    Thank you for being so understanding and inspiring *hugs* it means so much


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