Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Halloween and some silly troubles

I spent Halloween with friends in Dundee which is a student town, its very nice up there and i love the architecture very much. I visited an Art Gallery also which was nice not did that for a while.

It was also a sad visit aswell because i found out my job didnt bother paying me even tho ive already worked 89 hours for them instead of 50 something this month. Money has been a really big problem for me since June and because of really bad family matters has made me loose my faith in Job seeking and getting money for a living.

I feel like ill never get money ever again for anything i do. 

The Exhibition my work was in has ended aswell on Halloween and Monday. It was a great experience, i didnt sell any work. But a very nice man showed great intrest in it and i talked to him about art and computers. It was a little ray of hope and hes considered comissioning me was very surprising and exciting.

Here is nice pictures tho to make the post nicer.


Walked through the tiny graveyard a day before halloween was very beautiful.

 This was an Art installation at a Museum in Dundee i sadly do not know the artist but it was pretty magical.

Lets be Peguins together!

This was my Costume for halloween i went as a deer! : D I wanted to make it myself and to see if i could do it, it was a lot of trouble but i hope it looks pretty good. Im thinking of submitting a tutorial of how i made the whole thing especially the antlers. I tried winning real antlers from Ebay for the costume but some bum won them a few seconds before me :cry:


  1. aaah i've been meaning to comment on this post for the longest time....
    it looks like you had quite alot of fun at Halloween, and I LOVE YOUR DEER COSTUME! i really like how it is cleverly composed and the fact that you hand-made your antlers makes it all the more unique <3

  2. thank you muchums for the comment! <3
    Im so glad that you like the costume and yeahs the antlers were tricky but i really wanted to do it. <3 its really good to hear from you

  3. Oh!! I see now! I can comment with out having a blog! ;D
    Your costume is so cute!!
    and !!!! I love those tree's!!!!
    oooo!~~ Graveyards are always so pretty!!!
    I really admire your pictures!! There so nice!!!



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