Friday, 15 October 2010

Materialistic, time, nature and halloween

Im sorry for the lack of art and updates, been having my ups and downs with emotions im still not fully healed from the family matters. But also because of returing to my old job which has been very tiring. But I have been sleeping sorta better and eating sorta better.

Recently I also did some dury duty for the exhibition my work is in, it was a really nice atmosphere to sit in the quiet with all the arts and crafts around me. It was surreal but peaceful and it felt good to be on the other side of the table.

I got also a lovely email from one of the ladies behind the event. I’ve hung it up on my wall for positive vibes next to my reply email from Amanda palmer.

Been working on some new paintings, im trying to get better at my mediums and my style as much as I love drawing vulnrable stick like figures.
I completed my rule of rose game also which was very sad and beautiful, im sad its over I loved the story and characters so much dispite how wicked they were.

Over the past couple of months I have aquried some new materialistic items its been the first ive got anything in a long time. Im so careful with my money I always cringe at expensive things unless it is gifts or cant be helped.

My mum got me this beautiful Victorian stamp oh it is so lovely that im afraid to use it on anything yet incase I ruin it.


I also got myself some pretty knee high stockings and new shoes, I have been itching for 1930s clothing, my new shoes are so smart and comfy and socks keep me warm since Autumn is here. I have not yet did any frolicked in the leaves and forests yet.
Found this really old sketchbook I got years ago, its so celtic and enchanting looking that ive not used it for anything yet. I may used it for some poetry or little stories I come up with just don’t want to ruin its perfection! ;O;

This tiny doll tea set caught my eye aswell and it was only 1 pound so I had to get it, it’s inspired me to do new photography which I will work on soon. You'll have to wait and see.

Im looking forward to halloween also, ive been so undescisive with what i want to be but now i think i want to be an animal such as a deer or rabbit or a jakalope! Or even a doll is very tempting. I want to make some of my costume at least being a productive so and so.

I must also say that ive became very fond of Lewis Carrol thanks to a fellow artist
And also finding out from
about a film created by Marylin Manson on Lewis Carrol it looks very good and symbolic im very very curious.

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