Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Lets play Pretend

Its Autumn oh my! Its wonderful it truley is come have tea with me with tiny tea cups and tasty treats!

Come outside with me and lets go Exploring.

Lets go on a nature walk with my amazing nieces and collect things with them such as leaves and pinecones. 

Lets pretend that they visit more often and that they could be happier and have all the lovely things that little princesses deserve.

Lets pretend that being nice to people and geuinely caring about them wont make them walk all over you and take you for granted.

Let us pretend that things will be better for them and everyone else in our families and that everyone would be more understanding and sensible for a change and less selfish.

Let us pretend that i didnt have to go back to my exhausting and really rotten old job, and that it didnt make me constantly tired and sore. That it doesnt set me back from doing things that i love.

Let us pretend that smile on my face was for real and that i wouldnt have to do it so that everyone else wouldnt worry about me.

Let us pretend that we wont feel akward at halloween or christmas when people in your family have treated and hurt you so badly for absolutley nothing.

Let us pretend that their is still is hope and that things will get better and that you didnt have to have that cry on Sunday night or you could sleep and eat right again.

Let us pretend that making halloween costumes will somehow bring you back to your own world and a happy place again.

Let us pretend that your favourite halloween treat you get yearly is so amazing that the smile was real when you bit into it.

Lets pretend that everything is alright to everyone and that everyone you thought you knew and loved including friends actually gave a damn instead of using you.

Let us pretend that someone will actually understand or listen.

Let us pretend that you dont feel like you need to go to hospital with the stress of trying to talk about what your going through.

Least i dont have to pretend in my art.


Exhibition ends on the 30th of October.

1 comment:

  1. hee hun your blog here is just so adorable <3

    i like the new music btw

    also, i hope you start feelin a bit better, if you need to talk about it hun, you know im here for you (and ill be there in 63 days :3)


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