Tuesday, 5 October 2010

job and ball of air trapped between my tummy and chest

I ended up going back to my old job which i left on good terms, job hunting wasnt turning out so good. I didnt really want to go back its a very stressful job being a catering assistant. Theirs nothing really artistic or creative about it unless you do something with food at least but theirs a lot of cleaning, mess, soreness and multitasking as i remember.

I needed the money in more ways than one so had not much choice even tho ive not felt well since my first shift already. Feels like the pocket of air stuck inside me which a mix of sickness and constant exhaustion when i barely did anything.

It would be nice to be able do an artistic job but i dont know what to do or where to go for that, maybe im just not skilled enough for that kinda work even tho its mostly what i can only do.

Their has been some paintings and a ugly doll in the making but my new job makes me very exhausted and im afraid i may not be able to post as much as art as i would want but i know i still will.

Tired of feeling ill and stressed tho, theirs still a lot of negative stuff in my family thats hard to cope with.

And on a silly note im at one of the last chapters in my rule of rose game but the fighting controls are so rubbish i cant get past it, i may never know the end of the story or what ending ill get noooooooooooo! its very sad!


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