Saturday, 25 September 2010

1930s girls, jakalopes and entertainment

Lately ive found myself coming back to the real world for a little bit, ive began catching up on the latest movies, a new video game and fashion. Its been a while for me to do these things cause usually i lock myself up in making arty things and the internet and thats it.

 This is a new painting ive done

 I decorated this bag for myself

I dislike my faces of my painting friends just now, i even found an old webcomic i did in 2007 and its been sad to notice that i somehow had such a better style back then dispite all my classes ive taken. If anything they may have ruined it and thats a sad thought.

Been watching and catching up with movies that are coming out or have this year, I watched dispicable me a few nights ago and it was really good actually. I love foreign accents espeacially French, Russian, Czech and German. Also i have watched some trailers for upcoming films or films that just came out.

Being the animal lover that i am im really looking forward to this film, i dont care if it looks cheesy, childish or silly. I adore owls especially barn owls and i think i get this from my Dad.

I have no life and i dont really do anything so im excited to see a film about owls that looks beautiful cause im sad like that.

A part of me has been playing video games again aswell, this is a part of myself i dont share with people all that often because this blog is suspose to be about my personal thoughts and artistic struggles. I dont know it if wise or interesting to share my other hobbies or interests but what have i got to loose.

Im a huge fan of horror games i really am, i love the silent hills series just as an example. I love vampires my favourite game series is that of the legacy of kain series.

But very recently i have started playing a game for the PS2 that combines horror, orphaned children, victorian, aristocrat, psychological horror, England, roses, fairytales and pretty dresses. This game is called Rule of Rose.

I have fell deeply in love with the look, feel and characters of this game very very much. I love it so much that i wish i made it and the story. It's inspired me deeply and makes me want to draw and paint endlessy pretty 1930s girls in disturbing and beautiful situations. I want to dress in 1930s clothes and do photography, I may just do that.
Even if you are not a fan of computer games much or even horror this game might not be for you but the story and look of the game is worth the play.

In other news ive still bee job searching a lot, i went for an interview and nothing came of it really and i sent out lots of applications by hand and email. I now also have a cold so for the past couple of days i have been in my room in bed with tissues and lack of sleep. I also made a look book account aswell since i have nothing better to do and have weird clothes.

I also began making a very ugly doll, i should go back to her soon.


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