Saturday, 28 August 2010

so loud and busy away from the computer

Im sorry i have not updated this blog in a while since my last entry which was quite depressing and pathetic.
I have been doing many things away from the computer which i feel i needed a break from to focus on other matters. Theirs so much to say, so much to show, and so much to explain. I do not know where to start.

I have been working on many new pieces at my own pace and freedom and its feeding my soul slowly and its still keeps getting hungry for more. Their will be an update with much better information, pictures and beautiful things shortly.
 I guess im saying this to anyone who actually reads this thing but also for myself more because its what i must do and must be.

Ive had a brief update on one of my Deviantart accounts

1 comment:

  1. ee! seeing your new updates on devart made me happy!! im glad to hear you are artistically/creatively healthy... hope to see more soon!


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