Friday, 16 July 2010

Flaky nails and outside keeps sighing

Ive not been outside lately its starting to get to me and make me feel dusty and sheltered. The weather hasnt been all that great tho sadly. I really want to go to a beach for some reason, I want sand between my toes and I was to explore rock pools and breathe in that sea salt. Need to travel pretty far to get to one tho and got no one to go with.

My sleep has been messed up so been sleeping through the day a lot but ive got nothing to do and the sky has been crying to much to go anywhere.
I do like rain tho and theirs nothing better than being snug in bed and listening to it outside the window. Its one of my favourite sounds and comforts. My skin has seen better days aswell just now so its makes me hesitant about going outside i know its silly but i feel that way sometimes.

My house has been full of angry noises and tense feelings just now aswell. My parents have been arguing alot and being mad and its making me very uncomfortable and making the feelings of being in the house worse. I know it will probably get better or pass, but its been unpleasant.

Ive uploaded new work finally aswell on my art blog and my Deviantart accounts. Three pictures, another clay animal skull and some photography.

I tidied my room today aswell its been a while, I threw out all the unneeded work and bits and pieces of stuff from the past year at college. I also found a lot of books and photographs i forgot i had made me nostalgic.

These are some of my books i found under my bed, their various art magazines, cook books, story books, art books and comics. Its strange when you find lots of stuff you forgot you bought in a while. I really need to get back into cooking but because of lack of money ive not been able to.

Theirs a lot of stuff i cant do because of lack of money, ive tried doing comissions or advertising that i can do art and make things for people but it always fails. Think ill have to look for another job again even tho apparent the number of people being unemployed in our country keeps rising.

Heres a picture of the only part of wall in my room that has things on it. My rooms walls used to be completely covered at one point but my parents took everything down when i went on vacation a few years ago. I wasnt pleased because it took me years to cover the walls but i guess it was time.

I found some pressed flowers i completely forgotten about in one of the books i have. Im not a professional at pressing flowers at all so was my first attempted. I hide them away again cause their still not flat enough.

These are most of comic book collection under my bed. When i was growing up i got really into comic books. Ive been to quite a few conventions and last year comic con for the first time. I barely collect or buy comics anymore tho sadly. I still do read many online tho. I even wanted to get into the comic bussiness and ive made countless comics, plots and stories and characters.

As youve probably noticed many of my comics in this picture are done by Jhonen Vasquez. I was a big fan of him and got really into comics and comic making because he inspired me so much. I was deeply saddened after meeting him at comic con last year. He was pretty rude to me and a dissapointment and was obviously not interested in anything i had to say to him. Its sorta made me look at his work differently now which is difficult.

Im not into comics as much as i was now, i was focused on them from like 13-18 or so, but now i have a feeling its not the career i want or can do.

This is a book my dad found on a train ive been meaning to read it because ive found a new love for Philosophy after taking a class of it last year. This book is beautifully old and seems to scream wisdom, i hope to read it or attempt to soon.

Thease are books that were writtin by my dads Aunty i hope to read them soon too.


Thease are clothes ive had for months but never found the right time or place to wear them. Im very picky sometimes with clothes and what to wear them with and im having trouble wearing these. I just dont know what to make them go with at all. I love my beetlejuice shorts as i like to call them.

Tidying my room made me feel a little better about myself and that i need to decided what other things i want to do next. Think job hunting seems likely if impossible and also what to do about this exhibition im very hesitant about it.


My name means bee in Hebrew. :3

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