Monday, 14 June 2010

Returning from dreaming being a hermit back to reality

Hello everyone

I know ive been gone for quite some time and i know it can be hard to recover from absince to come back to the digital world. I found i loose friends this way nearly every year and it saddens me. But i am coming back now college only has one more week left of handing final work in and finishing work up.

But i must say ive missed everyone on here a great deal and also feel guilty about not being able to look up everyones passed work/comments/journal/Blog entries. I think about you all in such a great deal every single day like ive knew you all for years and that we are artistic people i already know that we understand each other on such greater levels than most people.

Its been long and hard past month of constantly working on my project being secluded in my room burried in art materials and my conflicting feelings and other matters. If anyone was interested i made the concept of a video game for my final project.

But because i am a woman the whole debate of sexism appeared in my class and my presentation and it turned more into a debate of the battle of the sexes which is not what i wanted. But the rest of the people i was presenting it too did so i just let them do it. Gender was not an issue i thought of for my entire project till a teacher brought it up. After it was brought up it stuck in the back of my mind for the rest of the project and hendered me from continueing any much work after that.

But i somehow did and i cannot tell you how glad i am to make all of that work go away and be finishing college after 4 years that most of it was truely not worth it. This weekend is the first weekend ive been able to sleep right and not worry about anything for a long time. Summer is already been here for a while it just sucks that college wont finish for another week.

I plan to get back into full swing of my artistic creations and myself as a person. I am not going to the states over the summer anymore as planned but instead in the fall. So this will give me sometime to reflect and use what i have learned wisely. And also care about myself and how im feeling and get my artistic priorities straight.

Ive got a lot of things built up inside me a great deal just now and im bursting to get it all out by making things and writing. Ill get around to everyone as soon as i can and if anyone wants to catch up or talk with me send me a note/comment and ill glady catch up with you.

Ill be posting new work in a short while.

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