Sunday, 9 May 2010

Gooey eyes and pains and work

Ive been sorta absent from my blog and my art blog for a little while sadly. This is because College will be over for me in about a month and they have hit us hard with a lot of work. And so i cannot continue with my sewing machine, animal skull keyrings ive started to make or any new paintings or work that i love much more.

So my personal work must come to a halt for a little while till this is over. When Summer comes i plan to get back into my work and maybe even finally go to a printing place with my paintigs and open my Esty shop.

Im also planning to visit the states again to see my other half and my dad is coming with me this time to meet his parents for the first time.

I also have some health issues at the moment (surprise surprise) but for a change my sleep and eating have been so good the past 2 weeks. Better than they have been for at least 2 years. But i have intense pain and a lump in one of my breasts and im going to get it seen to next week. I have had lumps before and have been clear but not pain before.

Its probably the worst time for me to get this aswell since i need to really get all my college work out of the way first. Then start buying plane tickets and dollars and doing sorts of all crazy things to be busy with.

This is an image i did for my new blog our teacher has made us make for one of my classes. It is my response to me becoming a professional bussiness type person. Their is more silly nerdyness on the student blog if your interested.

For my big project we have been given a theme involving a square in Glasgow and then choosing a media to represent it in anyway we want. For the interest i decided to make mine if i was a concept designer for a computer game. I also threw in the theme of time travel into this game.

I found my old pocket watch which is what i have choosen is the time travel device for the game.

I have been experimenting with media and drawing lots of buildings and stuff thats in the square to put in my big sketchbook.

This is my smaller sketchbook which im filling with research about the way the square used to be which is taking me to the Victorian era and Art Nouveau movment. I have to research everything from waay back then and then start putting research in about the way the square is now.

It is being used as my own made reference book to keep going back to through out the project and designs.

Im also researching time travel, computer games, media, etc. to put it very very very brief. Then i have to present my work twice in various ways.

(My sketchbook smells like coffee)

I now have to do all the drawings, concepts and character designs for the game. Plus box art and manual art and such. Ive been looking at Steam Punk things for inspiration for art to do with our age which im falling in love with.

So ive been pretty busy and should be dead. Im actually doing the work of about 20 people or more in a propper gameing industry.

I still have tons and tons to do and my hand hurts from drawing. But cant help but feel nostalgic since i used to draw characters and comics when i was younger constantly. I wanted to be a comic book artist and made up countless stories and ideas and characters. But then i got into college which taught me other art forms and medias. Which have been useful and wonderful but i cant draw characters like i used to and dont like the way they look anymore.

But yeahs i dunno what kinda job i want now or anything really but i know i want it to do with being creative and being happy.

I also went shopping recently and bought some lovely things but ill make another blog when things are less hetic. Ill still read everyones elses blogs and view your work even if i dont always say something i still send love.

Take care everyone

Adventure with Snuffkin

Went on a forest adventure with Snuffkin.

Me on a day when i feel like dressing like a boy.

Snuffkin felt like observing more than balancing over the river.

Lets climb trees to get a better look!

His favourite pass time in the world fishing!

Peek a boo!

Phew lots of walkin for tiny legs!

The End
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