Friday, 2 April 2010

Theirs tiny forests on my arms

Its Easter break for us in college now, off for two weeks which is pretty nice just wish it was'nt as cold outside. I may do an easter egg hunt for my nieces like a i did a couple of years ago but we will see.

I saw a giant peter rabbit toy in a store the other day, he was the softest of softs and their was Jeminia puddle duck one aswell it was wonderful. I probably should of bought them.

My house has been full of angry stares and loud noises the past couple of weeks because of people being arrogant and silly over nothing. I do have a lot of conflict in my family at times more than i care to let out or show to others.

Ive found that my heart races when people in my family argue or theirs a dark atmosphere, i actually have panic attacks very easily. Ive had awful ones this year and its made me worried that my heart might give up sometime soon, its been through alot the poor little beating creature. Even a teacher that bullied me in one of my classes would make me panic and get tummy ache before their class every morning. It was horrible, they stressed me out that much i would get very ill. Ive found that it was their class because after their class stopped i did'nt get ill or have much panic attacks again.

I have fallen in love with the new album "Evelyn Evelyn" its a wonderful piece of art that brings back true talent and story telling. It is about two conjoined twins and their live and struggles of being attatched to one another. It was created by the magnificant Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley.

I saw Miss Palmer and Mr Webley at a show in King Tuts wa wa hut in 2008 in Glasgow, i saw Jason after the show at the bar but i was to shy to go up and tell him how much i enjoyed his work. I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda at Comic Con last year, ive never been so nervous and happy at the same time in my whole life. I was a bucket of Lame as i got her to sign the book she created and hugged her. After it i was speachless, i just made weird squeeing noises for about 20 mins and was shaking.

Just never thought i would meet someone like that in my whole was..just..cant explain it..

Ive been a fan of her since i was 14 and im now 21 and have been listening to her work and others she works with since then and will probably continue to. She got me into singing on my own as a joyful hobby and in the future to learn how to play the piano.

Ive also fallen in love with Cocorosie, as strange as they are, i find myself humming their tunes in my head and while i work when i dont think of anything else. Their lovely and i wonder why ive not listened to them till now.

I have been painting and working on things here and there, maybe ill post them soon still a little uncertain of myself.

I mean i did post my sound stuff and sound installtion on my art blog and new photography on my photography account but yeahs...

This is one of my outfits i wear these days, hello french riviera.

I got a cheap lacy dress, it's ever so soft and sweet.

My mum got these as part of gifts my lovelys mum got for her at christmas time, she is unsure of what to use them for. I think their darling so i feel i will use them wisely. A card and envelope set and a tiny photo album.

I should say happy birthday to my phone, ive had my phone for like maybe 5 years or so and its never let me down or broke on me. Oh the secrets and love and hate that have been whipsered on its screen and sound gaps over the years. Happy birthday oldie phone.

I guess the next step is to post some new paintings, well see...


  1. aaww girl <3 i like coming here and secretly reading your lovely posts <3 though, it breaks my heart to hear about people being frightening and yelling... loud, hostile noises are just not pleasant at all...

    and what a lucky duck you are that you got to meet amanda palmer! she is a lovely human being <3 i used to be and still am a fan of the dresden dolls... her vision is just wonderful

    ps: oh please please i hope you do decide to post your artwork... i'm always curious to see..
    pss: i am in love with that lovely peach dressy you got there! <3 eee!

  2. yeahs i get worried easily which is'nt the best of things <3 thank you for caring it means the world *hugs*

    hee hee im exactly the same i always read all your blog entrys even if i sometimes dont comment, im always coming on blogger and i get giddy when you comment back or have posted on your blogs.

    *blushes* yeahs it was pure co-wink-a-dink she was there and was my first time going to comic con...

    Im so glad you like her too! her book is wonderful if you ever get the chance to get a copy <3

    *blushes and shuffles* ill try and post some new work this weekend your making me feel confident to show work again considering i look up to you artistically <3

    eeee im so glad you like it <3 got it from TK max for like 6 pounds, you guys have TJ max or something instead yeah?

  3. waaaa... i think that teacher is horrible for bullying you and making you panic so much... it's just not fair! it makes me sad to hear such things :- ( but at least you're not taking that class anymore...

    oh! i never knew that amanda wrote a book! i must check that out!
    and yes!! seeing more of your artwork will make me happy!! alas! i don't deserve to be looked up to! my art is disappointing... and i haven't been able to draw my own stuff for a while... it's quite depressing :- (

    haha and yes! we have a tj max here.. they call it tk max in Scotland? how interesting!! they have some great stuff there : D

  4. yeahs me and my classmates were gonna complain about them cause they were bullying everyone and they cant teach propperly. And a lot of the other teachers know that shes a bully but theirs something going on behind the scenes that makes not be able to do much about the bad teacher.

    Yeahs its really pretty its a picture book with her posing dead in different situations and locations.

    awws your to hard on yourself S-Jin it was your artwork that made me beleave in myself again artistically and begin to paint again in a different style. And i mean that very much <3

    Yeahs its weird in Britain its TK, i dont know why last time i was in Cali i saw the huge TJ sign and was like what?! thats wrong?! ha ha


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