Sunday, 18 April 2010

Spring is here and so is love

Spring is finally here and it is a joy to finally wake up like a sleepy cat in mornings as i bathe in the sun, it is a joy to see so much lush colors in a passing glance, and it is a joy to hear the birds sing and find tiny treasures such as ladybirds or ladybugs.

I found this little guy in my garden a few days ago it made me so giddy and excited, ladybirds were a big part of my childhood. I used to run along the small path at my house to a collection of bushes that was filled with them. I would sit and play with them and let them crawl all over me and give them names and believed the old myth that how many spots they have thats how old they were.

It was a really simple and happy time and i cant help but always feel like that again when i find ladybirds, its been a long time since ive found any.

I mandaged to go shopping recently and have a good time, i got some new art materials and took pictures of a square were doing a college project on. Ive been slowly trying to work on homework and sketchbook work, its been hard since theirs been such good vibes this week.

Ive found that i always forget how old i am, i do so many things that most people dont do my age, I am 21. Yet I still cuddle giant toy elephants in toy stores, i still run with my arms outstretched in grass, i still explore and find little treasures to keep, and i find happiness in such simple things. I used to be so frightened of getting older and feeling time pass through my fingers but now i know that it does'nt make any difference to me as a person.

I had dragon fruit recently it was very yummy. It has the texture of a kiwi fruit and the consistentcy of water melon.

Me and my friends have had a wonderful couple of days we really have the smiles, laughter, secrets and sharing that have happened has been a beautiful overload. We went to edinburgh and spent the whole day walking and laughing in the sun of the gorgeous old city. We got lunch and sat in the huge park that had daffodils everywhere and i found another ladybug.

We visited art galleries that had art by children and the old masters. Their was a singing choir in one of the galleries i found that to be a wonderful find. We sat in cosy chairs and watched a lady cry near by, I send her love.

We then went to a ghost tour in the vaults of Edinburgh which was interesting and also fun. We would walk about in dark rooms with equipment to apparently detect ghosts and the group we were with was nice. We then shared pizza and many stories and i listened intently to american accents at the next table which make me blush and gush.

We got the train back to mine and they stayed over night and we were very lazy and sleepy from a day in the sun so we tried automatic writing in the dark which made us all edgey. For hours we were a human spagetti on my bed as we talked and dozed in and out of sleep. It was wonderful to be able to lay next to people and share things and be comfortable with them. It makes me wish the world was more like that, i dont know why people are so afraid to be nice or to share in a non akward way. It would make everything so much better.

I did wake up the next morning feeling very ill tho, i ended up being sick but i felt a lot better after it was over. I got up and made the guys breakfast and we looked out the window to the new sunny day and birds, we had a pillow fight and talked.
Because it was sunny we ended up going on a walk in the woods and having a picnic. It was incredible it really was to do such things as running and rolling in the grass, exploring, watching bumble bees and bits of nature blow in the wind.

These are my friends and i adore them so much.

We found an old burnt car that was in the middle of the woods.

We ran and jumped and climbed on each other as the camera had a timer on it.

What a golden afternoon it was wonderful.

I had 2 hours sleep in 42 hours i was exhausted but in a good way i felt more exhausted from being happy if there was such a thing. I went to bed eventually smelling of nature.

The next day we all met up again to stay over at one of their houses and go to a birthday pary that was nearby. It was a good party i met and talked to lots of random people and even danced with some, they wont remember me cause of booze and such but it was still nice to share. Ive been called the crazy dancing girl that no one know, i like to make a name for myself in the weirdest of ways.

One of my friends got sick because he drank to much but we looked after him and made sure he was alright. We spent the lots of time in the bathroom and comfy carpet corridor at the friends house while making sure we were both alright. It was a lovely experience dispite being sick and feeling terrible, this is what friendship and love is all about. It was a crazy night and morning but i could'nt help but feel giddy and amazing from the past couple of days in awe.

I feel good to be alive, a few years ago i might of not said that if you knew me well, it feels epic to be wanted to be around and be happy and share with people you care about in a non akward or uncomfortable way.

It is a whirlwind of pure bliss, even if your very sore, it does'nt matter anymore, living in the moment matters...god im so happy.



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