Saturday, 24 April 2010

Rosy Cheeks

~I dont know...what happened...~

~I would run along the river bank and catch frogs, tagpoles, and the tiniest of fishes in my hope jars~

~The big fish that no one ever saw only hear would splash in the water when i would walk along the bridge~

~I would lightly step on the cobble road up to the cosy cottage between the trees~

~The smell of the earth, dogs and the wet stones enriched a childs senses just as much as a child dreams~

~We would sit on the softest of rugs in the warmest of rooms and listen to your soft voice and the dim clatter of tea cups~

~Pixie would jump up and be excited and i would pet her fur that was like a dandelion~

~Buster would sit in the chair, his chair, and would growl at everyone if you got near the chair, his son was beautiful and kept us happy for many years~

~The trampoline under the apple tree would be covered in fruit and would jump with me in delight~

~I would visit the young ones who would make tiny yelps and wriggles against my feet with ocean sized plates filled with mixed sweet milk~

~It was bliss, it was unreal, it was like all a dream that i took for granted as a child would~

~You gave us presents and friends that we will always treasure, im sorry i did'nt do much or enough~

~You make me feel beautiful and young again and that how much of me is because of you~

~I still remember the day i got the news like it happened a second ago, it just got worse from there somehow~

~I still wear pretty girl dresses and feel small like a doll to everything, it did'nt matter that my hips got wider or that i got taller and thin like a tree~

~I still remember everything and always will no matter what, where, who, see, hear, feel, taste, smell, sense, in life as me~

...I just read what i wrote and wept...

(i wrote this last year about a time and place i cant have back)


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  2. this was so beautiful and sad at the same time......
    i don't know what to say... i felt like crying myself after reading this...
    baaah i wish i was there so i could at least give you a comforting shoulder...
    i hope you are okay...

  3. oh im sorry if i made you upset or worried <3 i appreciate it so much that you wanted to comfort me and be there for me that means a great deal to me <3

    Im glad that you found it beautiful thats a huge compliment.

    It was mostly about when i would visit my Gran when i was very young. The words are about where she lived and what i experienced there. It was a truley wonderful time and place in my life.


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