Thursday, 4 March 2010

cant stand your loneliness

Offt where do i start?....

Well i have been very very busy this past week and a half, i have done many things that made me not have much of a life within the contents of my house and to my trips to classes. Well i mean i do have a great life, me and my classmates have a ball in class that i always look forward to going in. I did'nt mean to get close to people anymore because friends always leave me and stuff every year, but i guess its just something i cant avoid. Lifes to short to not forgive people and dwell on stupid crap they do to you.

Me and my classmates have became a lot closer and i adore that, i would rather be close to someone than be distant. We tend to lag behind most of our classes and end up carrying on and doing crazy hyper activities, this week we did a limbo conpetition with a super long ruler and yestarday after life drawing we played about with a slidey blankey and piggy back rides!

Just noticed my webcam actually has awesome quality.

I need a haircut and been listening to Gorillaz again to awesome for words. But anyway back to bussiness...

In the past two weeks and a half ive somehow mandaged too

*Take tons and tons of photographs included a trip to a catherdral

*Making tons of recordings and editings for sound class (included said catherdral and voice acting!)

*Work on 3 sketchbooks this includes drawings, mixed media, sticking stuff in them, making flappy things

* Lots and lots of writings especially essays! (Reasearch and philosphical studies)

*I made a entire website based on choosen works and college work and learned html and css propperly

*I made a special video to go with this site

*Im finising a 3D animation of a really bad version of the tinman from the wizard of Oz (he only walks in it and his textures are messed up and he walks queerly, hes a beautiful freak and i love him)

*Still attending all my classes and trying to keep up with socialness and deborahness

*Seeing family a lot more often (nieces staying tomorrow! ity bity deborah commiteee!)

*Relationship issues but i gave in because im to stressed to care or deal with it

*Considering the whole moving to America thing...its so complicated and gonna cost me so much money (over 1000 dollars and thats just for the forms)

*Been missing everyones blogs and their art and also everyone else on DA whos became special in the past year. (I miss you all a whole bunch and your in my thoughts daily and i appreciate you all so much <3)

*Saw princess and the frog, hey i cried it was pretty amazing.


*Had to say goodbye to the male life model we draw (im the only one who talks to the life models)

*it hit me this time before its gonna happen that im gonna miss all my classmates so much that its already sorta killing me...

*I made new art along the way of all this crazyness aswell which i hope to post soon, new paintings, new photography, and also i guess new video.

Its about how i work as an artist and all that kinda stuffs and i guess as me as a person, i like being me and im actually really proud of myself. Ive worked my butt off so much for college and being the person i have became, and i have the people i guess thats went through all the doors in my life and out of it again.
Even the ones that i thought were gonna be different, thank you aresholes you made me notice at the end of the day im probably much more happier than youll ever be.

Ill catch up with you all very soon, i should be sleeping but yeahs i dont tend to sleep before deadlines.

Take care
Debz <3

OH! one more thing! Just remembered this little treasure that makes me smile all silly like!



  1. |3 that first photo from your webcam is hot X3

    also, was the male life model the one with the cramp twins tattoo? lol

  2. More like messy stressed bed head X3

    yeahs hes was hee hee he wants me to join a life model facebook cluby thing ive not got around to checking it out yet since i left facebook


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