Thursday, 4 February 2010

Special finds, photography and good vibes

I finally got around to doing some personal art for a while it felt really good and lovely. Im sitting at home on my own with Rasberry tea and my doggie sleeping outside my room. This is the usual for me and i enjoy the quiet.

Been doing arty stuff all day burried in my many materials, making birthday cards and college homework. Been playing a lot with my camera lately aswell which i love doing, i heart my camera weve been through a lot together and ive taken some of my best images and memories with her.

I found an old kiddie movie ive not seen since i was maybe 8 years old on youtube i was so delighted and surprised to find it again. I watched it in bed one morning it was amazing.

Been watching and listening to a lot of strange/scary/wonderful stories aswell lately thanks to a new friend ive made on Deviantart shes lovely. Its refreshing since ive never heard or read most of the stories.

I had life drawing yestarday i do enjoy life drawing a lot, im the only one who talks to the life model for some reason. Hes very cool and has really awesome tattoos and sits/lays nicely for drawing.

Im currently working on a portfolio website for college so i hope it all goes well, im putting everything i love and enjoying making into it.

Ive also noticed that with the little friends i have left or im trying to keep a hold of, things just are'nt the same between any of us. Everytime i see them which is rare we dont really have much in common anymore and I do still buy them birthday gifts and all sorts but i already know the friendship is'nt really there anymore. Yet no one will speak up or talk about it. I do wish them all the best in life with love and happiness just the same.

For my new photography i did i mandaged to save much money on props i needed for it by finding some from previous art projects and charity shops! I ended up finding a beautiful sleeping gown that only cost me £2.00 for my photographs, it was perfect. And for the kid in me i ended up getting a small disney stitch hand bag. It only cost me 45 pence!

If you would like to see my work, i have an art blog.


I do feel a lot better about myself and my artistic ability i feel very confident and happy with most things. I do enjoy time on my own a lot more than i thought i would. It gives me a chance to breath, explore, create and dance ofcourse.


Im british im susposed to have bad teeth!



  1. eee such pretty eyes <3

    i love finding old cartoons and stuff you used to watch as a kid and still enjoy them <3 also, yay for art!

    (i am dusty, hear me roar!)

  2. aaaah the green ribbon has always been a favorite story of mine ever since i was 7!!! i was excited to see that video here on your blog!!

    the sweet glittery sweet comment you've left me on my blog literally made me melt like a slab of refridgerated butter left on the kitchen counter on a hot day. <333 aaah made me so happy thank youuu <33

    ps: green eyes and red hair! ah you're such a pretty girl!! ; A ;

  3. Hee hee yeahs i enjoyed it muchly myself. Im glad you enjoyed it too <3

    eeeeeeee! (my happy noise) Im so happy you felt like melty buttery goodness about my comment. your very welcome i just say the truth <3 <3 <3

    *blush* oh my such sweet words, my hair is actually not real red sadly but i do like it like that hee hee.

    I should be saying that about you silly, i really love your style in clothes and think your very beautiful on the inside and out. <3


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