Sunday, 21 February 2010

I am the bumble bee

I have been absent from DA and my blog for a little while and im very sorry to everyone. I miss commenting and viewing/reading everyones beautiful work and journal entries.

I have been swamped with college work in such a riddiculous manner that it hit me like a huge truck thing that hits things and that kinda stuff.

I have two weeks to finish a huge amount of work for 5 classes all at the same time, ive not been eating or sleeping right because i spent most of the night up doing work i cant do during the day.

At the same time i would love to create more art that means more to me, keep up with my relationship, my classmates and being social, my family and generally trying not to get stressed and be healthy.

Im quietly screaming on the inside.

So im sadly going to try and keep away from DA for the next couple of weeeks just to get most of my work done, so try not to take it personally if i dont get back to you all straight away about your awesome work and being awesome by being you.

Ill try to update you on whats been going on in life and what is awesome to me as soonish as i can after i get passed the worst of it.

Once im finished ill be able to update you to all my new work and what i have learned.

Take care  ~<3



  1. ooooh... i know how you feel, dear girl... :- /
    i'll be silently cheering you on from all the way across the world <333

  2. ps: i'll be looking forward to seeing some of your new works! :- )


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