Monday, 18 January 2010

Treasures, old city and joyful senses

Ive been a busy bee as i usually am the past couple of weeks this entry might be a little long.

Me, my lovely and my parents went to Edinbrugh as part of a belated birthday outing. We went to an small free art gallery with how drawing is such an important part of art. Ive never seen such detailed and talented pencil and pen works in my life.

We also went to Edinburgh Vaults which are under the city and very perserved and steaped in history. I adore medievil history it was such a wonderful trip considering the vaults where suspose to be haunted. We got to use real ghost detecting equipment at the end of tour and explore ourselfs it was very exiciting considering a few weird things did happen to us when we were down there.

Edinburgh is wonderful and i cant beleave ive barely explored it in the entire time ive lived in Scotland my whole life. If you ever visit Scotland go to Edinburgh its a wonderful city if you enjoy midevil history, art, shopping, ghosts and beautiful gothic architecture.

I enjoyed it a lot and we paid another visit to there later on which i will talk about later. <3

The next day me, my Dad and my lovely had a shopping trip in glasgow it was really nice and fun. My dad offered to pay for some of the wonderful things i bought as late birthday gifts (since they did'nt really get me anything which i did'nt mind) but my Dad is stubborn and insistent.

I got some pearls ive secretly always wanted some i feel their classy and beautiful. Im changing my looks and wardrobe a lot recently and im happy with the changes.

Ive never had something so precious, its a tiny tea cup necklace with a tiny spoon and ribbon i fell in love with it the moment i saw it. @u@ I love tea and old china tea cups.

I also got a new blazer which i cant find the photo of at this time.

I felt pampered and pretty considering i barely buy anything for myself apart from using transport money and food. Ive been feeling very femine and girly lately almost like a old princess and been wanting to look my best but for me not for anyone else. Like a big game of dress up and sensibility.

As an example of my new girlyness i found a website that lets you pick every colour, tone, shade, and contrast of nail varnish colour and nail care for woman. You even get a digital hand you can alter to look like your own to try on any colour before you order. They even did a brand based off of the new alice and wonderland film which is a delight.

We then visited a new sushi resturaunt which i fell in love with and got excited.
How it works is that theirs a small moving conveyer belt for plates of sushi. They travel through the whole resturaunt past your tables and around the bar area where they prepare their food in front of you. And what colour the plates are is how much the dish is. You can also order hot food and get a full yummy menu of side dishes, mains and desserts.
Their is also a water tap and glasses on your table that provide free water as much as you want a button to press for service. I was delighted and the food was deliscious.

It was a very good weekend best ive had in a while since ive still been keeping up with college and conflicting feelings.

I have a friend called Emiley, she has never met me or even heard my voice or seen me on web cam, she lives in France. Yet every year without fail since we met on the great internet she sends me a birthday gift and beautiful letter. Im always so surprised and humbled when i receive her wonders, she reminds me that their is good people in the world, people with hearts of gold. And people do care about me. She proves me wrong about how i feel about the world and i love that.

She sent me a darling little cat peg and a lovely card with a gentle young girl in a field and ofcourse with lovely words. I hope my gift for her birthday next month will be just as lovely.

Me and my lovely have spent many wonderful and cosy nights and days together this past month. We even went out for our late anniversary dinner since we dont get to ever celebrate our anniversary. (it was in November, and also a mini christmas since we dont spent christmas together either.) It was all very dream like a surreal doing normal things that i always think about doing with him.

I appreciate it so so so much even when we dont go to dinner, buy gifts, or do romantic things. Just simple things like hugs, holding hands, a smile, laughing, looking at him, talking without a computer makes all the bad things dissappear slowly or every worry, every doubt, every bad memory, every bad person seem so small like a fragment of dust.

He leaves again on Friday... it will hurt but hes helped me get back on my feet again a lot and helped me a lot with stress, illness, artisticallly and college.

We made a snow man together he only lasted a night because of rain melted all the snow away. Hes a very well off snow man with all his possessions. My doggie seems to like him a lot and puzzled by the new being in his domain.

We went into Edinburgh again and spent a whole day exploring shops i bought my honey some things he wanted as part of gifts and early valentine day gifts. We also went to Mary Kings Close which is an underground street area in Edinburgh thats as old as the 1600s. Its perfectly perserved even with old fashioned clothing hanging on clothing lines above the once busy steets. Its incredible how perfect it looks from since that time. I also felt strange there too since theirs also ghost stories there, some things happened to me there too but who knows.

We bought plague doctor masks from the Closes gift shop they were pretty cheap for these kind of masks. I could'nt resist im in love with plague doctors and their invention and medical workings and findings. It fascinates me completely.

Im greatly looking forward to talking some beautiful and macarbe photography with this treasure. <3

My early Valentines gift was this hat, he said it suited me perfectly and my coat i have and with much pleading and stubborn resistince he bought it for me.

This picture does'nt really do it justice but its based off of those hats they wore in the 1920/30s a style of fashion i love very much. I feel like Angelina Jolie in the 'Changeling' i love the very escence and look of that film and style of clothing. I was impressed by the film it self it moved me, i only saw it last year. I felt like i was mother watching that film, i felt the hurt for the woman it did actually happen it that it was based off of.

I also need to change my hair style or do something different with my hair its been very messy and all over the place lately. I also look very tired and i actually should be sleeping at this moment, i have to get up for college in less than two hours. Ive had womanly problems aswell, ive bled for nearly a month and this has never happened to me before, its left me very exhausted. Also very irratated at night that my body is weak but my mind is awake and ive barely slept right in weeks.

Hopefully i will get better soon and have the energy to do more college work again. Ive barely had the energy to do even normal things for myself and my own personal art. I have plenty of that that i want to do or get back to but just not had the time or energy for that sadly.

Maybe ill sleep better soon, been playing video games again which is something ive bearly did all year and spending more time with my family.

My nephew is quite awesome in my love heart shades and pirate sword.

Been loving reading and looking at all your wonderful blogs it keeps me going knowing theres beautiful souls out there even if i dont always comment.



  1. aww hun *hugs tight* it was wonderful reading these last few journals and reflecting on all the wonderful lovely things we did together.

    also, that photo doesnt do that hat justice! you must replace it with one of you and your matching coat too <3<3<3<3

    I love and miss you so much sweety <3

    also, how come im never mentioned by name? :\

  2. *hugs* thats really good im glad

    im planning on doing some new photography with my new stuff i got <3

    i love you and miss you lots too <3

    oh i just wasnt sure if you wanted me to use your name


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