Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Pamper Pamper Pamper

One more thing i forgot to mention at christmas time, me my lovely and a good friend of mine made a beleated christmas cake. It was fun and awesome and pretty much the same recipe as the halloween cake i made.

Its made with a jello and biscuit crumb layer and then over top cream cheese with whipped cream and sugar. On top sprinkles biscuts decorated with icing and various sweets and candies. We went a bit crazy at the top.

~Walking in a winter sweety land!~

Close up of tiny trees, igloos and tiny mountains also in the top left corner is a tiny monster i mean come on the artic needs a monster.

It turned out to be really tasty and amazing was a good night. We feasted on tasty jelly beans that had flavours of everything.

Been back at college being a busy bee i worked all weekend late into the night catching up on all the college work then to find half of my teachers hav'ent even been in.  *tear*

Ive been having fun with my college classmates, we sat in the library on tuesday and asked me for girl advice on the cosy comfy chairs. We shared a lot and they told me of past relationships and how they did'nt work out for them, i really felt for them. I told them of mine and long distance relationship and how they work i guess, hope my advice is good.

Then we tried to walk around like krabs and play with my new fancy hat. (incidently i cant walk like a krab that well but its very hilarious.)

I was filled with yummy fill good feelings and even working on college stuff makes me happy and getting things done.

Today was good we had Philosophical studies and life drawing,  I do enjoy Philosophical studies it really opens my mind to the world and art more than it was and its very interesting to understand.

Life drawing was wonderful we finally got a female life model and she was a joy to draw very beautiful and relaxed. I drew her with ink and water it was so fun i enjoy ink a great deal.

The girls in my class today thought i looked pretty and grown up and everyone thought i had my hair cut, and asked if i considered modeling because of my figure i felt shy and small but on the inside loved and beautiful. They also liked my clothes which i thought were pretty myself.

I have been pampering myself the past few days and eating yummy fruits and sweets, using lotions and hot baths to make me feel relaxed and making time for myself and doing things i love. Its been nearly a first for me ever doing that for myself and its wonderful i feel good about myself and what im doing. I think the problem was that i concentrated to much on making others happy and not myself.

That its okies to change my looks and its okies to make myself pretty and were lovely clothes and change my hair styles. Maybe tihs will also influence my ways of working artistically aswell, i feel stronger and loved more than anything right now.

Been experimenting with make up aswell and looking after myself better.

I recently watched Amelie again aswell which made me feel good about life and art and love.
My love said I looked simular to Audery Tautou when she does her shy smiles. Im not sure because Audery is very beautiful and the colour grains of the film enchant me.

So pretty and sweet.

Another blogger i watch has decided to do a sisterhood of artists based on old romantic art of pure love and beauty in a corrupted world. Which i think would be a great idea and would love to help. Im hoping to do some new art this weekend.


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