Sunday, 31 January 2010

Nostalgia to the max with songs

Been listening and watching clips of old stories and disney films/cartoon films i used to adore as a child, I cant choose a top 10/favs between them all but thought it would be wonderful to include them in a blog entry and maybe others will enjoy them too.

Thought i would start with the Rescue Aid Society theme song, this was one of the first disney films i ever saw and ever one then thought little mice would help children. What a darling idea.

The very first Princess and every little girls dream of finding her prince charming.


The flow of this song is just..just wow its amazing.

Gaston is so bad ass, hes probably the fall did'nt even kill him hes probably out somewhere killing something with his bare hands! XD

This song gives me shivers, i adore Scars design and the effects/mood of the atmosphere of this scene.


The soundtrack for this film is incredible but its just intense and amazing showing the montage of time of how he becomes a man from a little boy.

Stylish street wise dogs are one of the best things ever.

Rockadoodle! All hail the king!

Don Bluths Thumbelina!

There are no cats in America!

Robbin Williams as a bat is to awesome for words.

No matter what anyone saids Tim Currys voice even as a smog monster is sexual.

If there ever was a movie to explain what a teenager goes through or thinks it is this movie, hands down!

Black soul singing wommiz are the best ever.

I dont care if its cheesy or silly, it was awesome when i was kid and still is too me.

Went a bit over board with these videos, sorry i just had to share maybe they will be awesome for you too.



  1. best video post ever. toxic love=best part of ferngully

    although i personally like why should i worry from Oliver and company

    <3 post

  2. lol XD

    it is soooo good tho, Tim Currys voice is like melted chocolate!

    That is a really awesome song too! I also like the snobby dogs song its so silly


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