Thursday, 23 December 2010

Feathers making my eyes heavy with sweet melodies

Theirs still time for the giveaway if anyone still is interested!

Ive been a busy bee as of late i feel like all i have done for weeks is do christmas shopping and tackle snow. I wanted to do somemore painting aswell but have had little energy. My room floor is covered in wrapped presents. Spent the entire of yestarday wrapping gifts and still not finished. My family is way to big.

Being on a Beatrix potter binge lately while shopping i found these beautiful finds.

Their story and sticker books of some of her stories their so precious and pretty, im going to give them to my nieces as an extra christmas gift and i got some doubles of them so im going to keep the doubles myself. Im a sucker for stickers its my small hobby to collect them and also hats.

Also as a special find in a sale i found this!

Its a Jemima Puddle Duck baby toy @o@ oh my! its the sweetest thing ive ever bought and its so amazingly soft. I knew i had to get it and keep it since the last time i saw these was last christmas and theirs always very few. Jemima puddle duck has always been my favourite character of Beatrix Potter. I explained this in my huge Blog entry about Beatrix potter a while ago. <3

Even the tiny little peter rabbit stitched so clearfully on the seal so sweet! @u@

But yeahs i cant beleave how tired i am all the time, ive been going to bed at very early hours then getting up at early hours. Im sad that it makes me less productive when i can be on my own with quiet for a few hours.

I painted this small robin on a tiny Canvas for a friend of my Mums. She likes birds a great deal and Mum asked me to do this for her. Its the first ive used canvas for quite a long time i feel im not very good at it. But their is a good feeling about painting on Canvas because it seems like such a tradition or artistic trait to do. Since its how all the old masters did such things, my tiny robin is humbled by their master pieces and effort.

Im quite a fan of birds myself and always have been somehow.

I saw Tron last friday in 3d was pretty amazing and exciting, would of been happy to have seen Daft punk through the whole film tho hee hee!

I came home exhausted but full of Ramen which ive not had since January oh what a treat it made me so happy to have tasted it again. I wanted chicken gyzoa aswell but the place everyone went to didnt have any its sooooo good aswell waaaah maybe another time ;n;

When i got home tho i was greeted with a wonderful surprise! Say hello to our newest family members!

My parents got me some budgies as an early christmas gift! Waaaaaaaah! their so lovely and great company, they havent got used to me yet but i hope they will ;n; i want birdie friends cause i have no friends!
Ive decided to call them Fortune and Cookie i hope they like their new home. Ive got them so many toys and luxuaries for budgies their so spoiled and ive been researching how to take care of them like crazy. So many things i did not know about budgie care!

Ive been catching up on a lot of movies over the past couple of months such as my asian horror fix and some really surreal and beautiful movies. Been meaning to write about them and reconmend them on here but not got around to cause been to busy with christmas sadly and being stuck at friends lol!

I figure my blogs are pretty boring anyway my life isnt very interesting. If i dont write before then I hope everyone has a great christmas and that its not as akward as mine will be! <3

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The Tea Riddler

Tea Riddler by ~accidentlyonpurpose on deviantART

The Tea Riddler

~Splat, Smosh, Whap, Trickle, Drip, Drip, Drip...~
~The Tea Riddler will throw around tea bags like a whip...~

~He skips, he jumps, he dances all around the tea table..~
~More tea? he will grin at you and spill tea when able...~

~He twirls, he spins, he balances cups on his head with ease...~
~Hell pour tea down your pretty dress kiss your hand such a tease...~

~He will hide behind the chairs and under the table and peak up your dress...~
~Riddles will fill your ears as he sings and declares he can make the biggest mess...~


Water colour
Tea bag (throwing)

This was meant to be for the tea bag competition at the tea fanatic club im part of on DA. But I ran out of time i think but i wanted to do it just the same. :tea:

Wanted to do a character that liked to throw tea bags against things. VIOLENT TEA TIME YEAH!


I hate the way i draw faces lately!

Some arts media - milk maid bust

Milk maid Bust media examples by ~accidentlyonpurpose on deviantART

I did these quite a while ago.

This is a redone style and media bust of the milk maid a character and poem i made near the end of last year with my new painting style.


I also wanted to see if i could still do digital media with my tablet after not doing it for quite some time.
And also to show my skills as an artist if comission work comes up and for my online shop when its opened.

moo ~

Thursday, 9 December 2010

So much sugar everywhere

First of all I would like to thank everyone thats entered the giveaway so far its very exciting! and my new followers on blogger and DA thank you *much love*

If anyone else would like to enter the giveaway please feel free theirs still time!

January the 10th is when it closes!


The reason ive been sorta absent from Blogging and DA is because theirs been epic snow here! Like so much snow its caused alot of problems including travel and post. This is why i had to change the closing date of the giveaway. I can only hope the weather gets better by then too!

I got stuck at my friends for 13 days and couldnt get home im grateful i was somewhere warm and safe with good company tho! 
I spent the entire time playing video games, watching movies, buying food, eating food, being cosy, talking and bonding.
 I manadged to do some more art while there aswell in my sketchbook ive been sorta drawing on what i feel like drawing instead of really concentrating so much on it, letting the pencil take me places.

I home now and i feel quite surreal that i manadged to get home so quickly, the 13 days felt like a blur. Im still not comfortable being at home so much because of what happened this year.

I eventually got paid aswell from my work which distressed me a lot being so soon to christmas. So much trouble it wasnt worth it really. Now i can buy presents for everyone and some art materials to do more work finally.

I didnt ask for any christmas gifts this year either and then the tiny part of me that comes up thinking im worth something came up recently. And then said "hey you know what Debz you had a really horrible year you deserve a gift."
But then when i got home i got reminded of why i didnt want any gifts, no one listens to me or wants to take the the time to get to know me.

I still dont really know what i want to do with my life or art and its stressing me out quite a bit or if i would ever like to go back to school. And i dont know who or where to go to ask for advice on this.

I had a dream when i was at my friends about me owning a very small little place that was like a studio with some rooms and basic needs. 
And in the dream i wanted the place so much cause it was like a little secret for me to be able to work away on art and be at peace. I woke up still wanting it and thinking it was going to be mine. I think i crave that a lot just now, i think im craving to be independent and work for my meals and all my needs.

The councilor lady still never called me or got through to me, it makes me wonder if they ever will or if asking for help was even the right choice even tho it was so difficult to do. 
When i asked for the help my doctor took out a blank piece of paper from a drawer and scribbled my name on it with a list of other peoples names. 

Most of them were scored out, it sorta disturbed me that thats how they handle someone asking for help. That their just a name on a white space that gets thrown away in a dark drawer like we are the problem.

Its been so difficult to try and carry on doing normal things and dealing with normal things, its hard to pretend everythings fine all the time. I usually express my negative vibes through my art as a way to be thearpy for myself.

But this is a feeling i cannot shake so easily. Im so emotionally sick with worry that im surprised i havent gave up yet. 

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Well here goes time for the Giveaway!

Hello everyone!

Ive been really nervous and excited but ive decided to try out this giveaway to celebrate the opening of my Etsy online shop. Ive found many little treasures that need love and attention in my home to giveaway plus some prints of my art work for free.

This will include

~A print of 'The Watcher'  10 x 15~

~A print of  ' Possessive' 10x15~

You may pick which print you would prefer!

~If your Male and win the giveaway you will get this bracelet and silly zombie keyring! ~

~ If your Female and win the giveaway you will get a decorative keyring, hairclip and cute erasers! ~

Other goodies will be included!

Some other nice surprises will also be included, plus depending on which Print you want their poem/story will also be included with everything.

To enter the giveaway please comment on my  Blog or DA Journal Entries with this subject.
In the comment please write

Your name/username :
Your favourite song:

I will then write them all down and put them into a hat and which one i pick will be the winner!
I may also do a second giveaway aswell!

Good luck everyone!!!

Closing date for the giveaway will be
January the 10th!

*Closing date had to change because of heavey snow here which has caused to many problems for everyone especially post!
And because im having doubts about opening my shop and this giveaway cause not really anyone seems to be interested in FREE art and goodies.

If you have any questions please let me know and ill be happy to help.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Preparing for Online shop and giveaway

Ive been working away to prepare for the opening of my Esty online shop. Im very excited to do this because ive wanted to do it for quite some time. Im trying to take my career as an artist a lot more seriously. Reviewing my past work and my skills ive found that im very capable of making so many things in all sorts of media. Im more computer savy aswell now to be able to run a small bussiness.

Im still debating on prices for pieces and because of cost on what it takes to make it. But im getting there slowly but surely.

Im also working on the giveway aswell and what to exactly giveaway lol but ill figure it out.

Also in other news ive made an appointment to start seeing a councilor, it was very hard for me to even ask for help. I could barely speak which i think made my doctor very uncomfortable, i do beleave art is what will help me the most tho, but im not sure of this time.

With hope i beleave that my small bussiness will help me through things and keep my mind busy.

I also don't know whats happening with my pay at this time still.

Thank you all for the support and advice it means so much to me. <3

Outsider Art

While i have been working away late at night in the silence and warmth of my bed, i decided to have a look at art for a while. Art outside of deviantart and the blogs and websites i usually visit as beautiful as they are. Art that i would usually learn about in a classroom. It refreshes our minds and hearts even if its not art we may not fancy or understand completely.

So i started reading up on outsider artists and Art Brut, once i begin to learn about an art movement, person, or style i will read and research it on my own till my eyes can no longer see straight. I learned so much of Outsider artists and Art Brut and the fact that a lot of it has to do with mental health intrigued me further.

I have been interested in art and mental health issues for as long as i can remember it just fascinates me. And the fact that outsider art is of the artists own value and labour not for money, fame or reconition appeals to me in so many ways.
It is what art should be, it shouldnt be the worrying thought, the cost of it, or a voice telling you its wrong to a certain standard, or because of the dislike of a loud person.

It is yours and it was yours and you did that to express yourself purely for that fact and that's what it should be. This is something that should never be forgotten as hard as it can be to remember.

Outsider art

(Want to thank S.Jin for introducing me to this wonderful man.)

These are just some of the artists ive been looking at and their work, simply incredible!

Was meaning to post this a while ago


Why do we sacrifice so much energy to our art? Not in order to teach others but to 
learn with them what our existence, our organism, our personal and unrepeatable 
experience have to give us; to learn to break down the barriers which surround us 
…and to free ourselves from the breaks which hold us back, from the lies about 
ourselves which we manufacture daily for ourselves and for others; to destroy the 
limitations caused by our ignorance and lack of courage; in short, to fill the 
emptiness in us: to fulfil ourselves. Art is neither a state of the soul (in the sense 
of some extraordinary, unpredictable moment of inspiration) nor a state of man 
(in the sense of a profession or social function). Art is a ripening, an evolution, an 
uplifting which enables us to emerge from darkness into a blaze of light. 

- Grotowski

Oh my i shed a tear the first i read this, no matter how much we struggle with anything in life its our art that saves us and connects us.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Leeking some misery

Ive been very uphappy for a quite a while, it has been a bad year. I quit my job last week as a catering assistant.
This was because I was mistreated again and because i didnt get paid and any questions i asked about my pay or help i wanted has been ignored.

I cried the night i found out i wasnt getting paid after a month of work but i did 89 hours with only two breaks through that time. I was only susposed to do 16 hours per week.

Im very capable of the job and can take the stress of a workload and i did my work propperly. But because of events that happened this year that are still to painful to discuss i couldnt take that.

Ive been keeping alot in and its finally taking its toil, i almost feel like a broken person and im only 21.
Many of you might think im being childish or wanting pity.
But this isnt the case, im just letting stuff out because no one will listen outside of the internet or probably on it.
It just helps me, ive been crying for days and i get teary if subjects come up with what happened.

Ive been considering seeing a talking doctor to maybe help me if i dont get any better.

I do know that i still have my art and want to make it and i finally want to try and make a living or bussiness out of that like ive always wanted to do.

Maybe this will make me happier again so ive decided to try this because i really dont know what else will help me.

Im going to open a esty shop finally because i have many prints and crafts of my work that need a home and love.
If it was up to me i would not ask for money because i know money is bad for nearly everyone.
So instead ill make things that are of value to me more than money and made with the love and emotion i have left in me.
This is why if someone paid for anything its not like their getting nothing in return, their getting the fruit of my labour and soul.

Hopefully would like to do this soon and im also going to have a giveaway to celebrate its opening for anyone thats interested. But i will post another journal/blog about this in the near future.

Im also avaible for comissions, hey maybe someone will read this or someone they know might want art or a craft as christmas present.

All i can do is try, its all ive got left.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Halloween and some silly troubles

I spent Halloween with friends in Dundee which is a student town, its very nice up there and i love the architecture very much. I visited an Art Gallery also which was nice not did that for a while.

It was also a sad visit aswell because i found out my job didnt bother paying me even tho ive already worked 89 hours for them instead of 50 something this month. Money has been a really big problem for me since June and because of really bad family matters has made me loose my faith in Job seeking and getting money for a living.

I feel like ill never get money ever again for anything i do. 

The Exhibition my work was in has ended aswell on Halloween and Monday. It was a great experience, i didnt sell any work. But a very nice man showed great intrest in it and i talked to him about art and computers. It was a little ray of hope and hes considered comissioning me was very surprising and exciting.

Here is nice pictures tho to make the post nicer.


Walked through the tiny graveyard a day before halloween was very beautiful.

 This was an Art installation at a Museum in Dundee i sadly do not know the artist but it was pretty magical.

Lets be Peguins together!

This was my Costume for halloween i went as a deer! : D I wanted to make it myself and to see if i could do it, it was a lot of trouble but i hope it looks pretty good. Im thinking of submitting a tutorial of how i made the whole thing especially the antlers. I tried winning real antlers from Ebay for the costume but some bum won them a few seconds before me :cry:

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