Thursday, 10 December 2009

Stop Motion makes me smile

Oh how i love stop motion animation, it never ceases to amaze me and make me have my full attention constantly. Also the amount of work thats put into it and that i get amazed at how its a medium thats overlooked these days. Yet quite a while ago during WW1/WW2 era it was used a great deal and impressively usually only made by one person.

The wolf and the seven kids was one of my favourite stories as a kid, and also would scare me espcially when the wolf would come into the house and gobble up the tiny goats. I suspose it was suspose to teach you not to trust strangers but in my experience you should'nt trust people you you know or at least think you do.

I had never heard of this story but i enjoyed it a great deal and the amount of detail in the puppets and backgrounds impressed me.

This is a very surreal animation of the story of the Pied Piper its very disturbing, unusual and does'nt actually use any real language. I found it very striking because it looks as if the puppets and the scenes are all made from wood or somesort of related matrial but at the same time not. I love how everything is twisted and raw and i surely know if i was still young i would be hiding behind the couch in fear.

This film has a special place in my heart i grew up watching it as a child, i adore Mark Twains wisdom and common sense. I like to beleave his theories on Adam and Eve even if it may or not be true, he just knows how to put it all in a more realistic sense if beings were created, how they would think a and feel and behave.
Also the part when they discuss who should die first makes me weep everytime.

This is the most recent Stop motion film i have seen, I love it very much the Tree dwellers stole my heart with their mannerisms and movements. Its a beautiful and thoughtful new kind of fairy tale for adults which i think is a genius concept on its own. The viewer may not understand fully what its about because a lot of it is metaphors but the beauty of it inspires me greatly.

I still have many more stop motion films to watch and get back to, been sort of a busy bee and emotionally stressed to enjoy alot of art to its full or have the energy. Hopefully this christmas holiday will be fruitful.
The Puppets melt my heart.

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