Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Peppermint tea

Ive recently been inspired lately by many beautiful things.
Im in the house on my own today, i should be at college but ive decided
to do College work at home instead.

I need to answer questions and do research for a website class and
decide on what to write on for my Philosophical Studies class
which im finding is a joy to learn about. So i want to pick something special but
i have not decided on what yet.

Artistically i would love to start producing and selling my work on esty, but i want to
create more paintings and ideas first before i post anything worthy on the site. It would be like selling
a part of myself, i treasure everything i create like a child and that i work so hard on them and
let parts of myself be shown to the world without fear of judgement but purely for my heart.

Im pretty happy artiscally aswell its what keeps me going these lonely and busy days.
I love escaping to my dream world away from all the trouble and bother from
most things lately. It helps me still breathe, love, think and feel in ways ill still never understand
I am just so grateful that i can create i need it just as much as i need food, water and sleep.

It is so cold outside but the beauty of the nature and sky still comforts me alot, its nice to stay indoors with hot tea and tomato soup with slippers on my toes.

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