Sunday, 20 December 2009

My hands are so cold and my mouth is so sweet

It's the holidays now for us, we only get a couple of weeks off sadly and go back to College the day after my birthday.
Its the middle of the night as i half slept half of the day again and i will be up all night again, but this is usual for me.

Its been snowing aswell which is kind of refreshing and lovely, since it has not snowed for us for nearly 4/5 christmas'es. I am worried about transportation and if my honey will be alright flying in at the end of the week.

Ive also been playing the sherlock holmes vs jack the ripper game, its very fascinating im very interested in old mysteries and crimes. Especially murders and old crimes and stuff, im just so interested in how they solve the crimes and the forensics.

It snowed somemore their so much of it and its so thick but also so pretty and magical.

Ive been doing more paintings aswell, i have plenty i want to do and get on with, they bring alot of comfort.
I'll maybe upload them soon.

I have plenty more i want to do or i might add to them.

I have to tidy my room alot for christmas time but i have no where to put all my lovely objects, memories and clothes. ;n;

My pretty things *loves*

My stubborn sweet tooth still wont leave me alone either with tea.



  1. Oh those Beatrix Potter books are so lovely! I have only one of those books. I haven't read them in years but I remember the stories from my childhood. I had Beatrix Potter videos and I always watched them. Oh how I miss those videos!

    Have a magical day today. ♥

  2. yeahs they are lovely maybe you could buy/read them online? i know it is a joy to read the actual book in your hands.

    Loved her tales since i was young too and would tape the cartoons from tv.

    hope your day is magic too <3


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