Saturday, 26 December 2009

Maybe my last Christmas here

I woke up pretty early on christmas, but i wake up every morning super early to talk to my other half on the computer. Eventually my Dad got up and i made him tea like i usually do and he fired in to start making the christmas dinner like he does every year early morning.
(I peeled the brussel sprouts the night before like i do ever year for him.)

People text me merry christmas aswell which i was very surprised considering i did'nt think they would care or bother. And that they dont really speak to me and some not spoken to me for nearly a year. Its kinda also sad that they were all just mass texts and that you choose all the contacts you have and press send and probably wont talk to me again.

My poor mum has had a rough year and could'nt even finish wrapping everyones presents the night before, as soon as she got up i helped her wrap the rest and helped tidy downstairs. We did this all morning and did'nt finish till about 11. My parents felt bad because i had'nt opened any of my presents yet but instead helped them and gave them their presents first.

Im not a little girl anymore so i understand theirs more important things to get done and i sometimes feel uncomfortable receiving gifts. Not that i dont appreciate them but that i probably did'nt really do much to deserve them.

They were lovely all just the same and i was very grateful, i tend to be gentle with my presents and unwrap them gently. Ive did this since i was little.

*A new dress
* Some jumpers to keep me cosy
*New shoes
*Pretty lace skirt
*Make up and nail polish all greeeeen
*Make up box thats very pretty
*A diary and Gothic lolita art book ~ <3
*Some ornaments
*Some computer games
*Sewing machine (because i want to make pretty things like dolls and clothes)
*And ofcourse chocolate and sweeties

It was very nice and i actually barely asked for anything this year but my parents always want me to have a nice christmas and try and surprise me.
Mum even said i deserved it all, dont think shes ever said that to me about anything.

We then had to get the table set for my big family to come over like they do every year (my parents are grandparents) so we were rushing around all over the place. So much in fact my mum cut her finger really badly and their was blood all over the floor, up the stairs and to the bathroom.

I tried to help her but she just wrapped it up herself and continued with getting ready. We were expecting the family in 30 mins at the time.

Our family has been pretty broken this year because of us all being stubborn, selfish and unforgiving over silly matters. Also that i got treated pretty badly by some of them even when i had'nt done anything and get enough of that in the big world.

I expected it to be very akward and full of arguments like nearly every year. But it was'nt everyone had lots of beautiful presents and smiles, especially the kids. Everyone got on great and we all had fun and lots of yummy food. I can actually say it was probably the best christmas weve had.

This is my family pretty much, their all pretty cool.

I ended up playing dress up with my nieces in my room, they all tried on my clothes that were to big for them and my shoes. It was pretty nice and funny and they wanted me to read beatrix potter stories to them. While my nephews played on the internet and all the old school computer games we used to love.
It was nice and familar.

Eventually they all went home and the house was quiet and i felt pretty good about everyone and everything.


Its a tradition in my family that everyone dresses nice/pretty for christmas. I tend to wear something different every year.

I went for a victorian look this year, i felt pretty and cool even if my armpit is like a black hole.
Im really into old stlye of dressing and victorian/war time fashion, ive always like it but its the first ive been wearing it. I love my pretty dresses/skirts so much and tights/socks.

It was a pretty dare a say magical day and i was incredibly tired by the end of it all like i am every year.
I climbed into bed early and snuggled up in my many blankets and pillows.


I got this in a present i received from my sister and her family. It was with a locket you can put pictures in. I could'nt help but cry when i read it because i was so susprised and overwhelmed.

I guess people really do care about me and what i want to be happy even when it seems like everyone turned their back on me and left me...

It gave me the best feeling ive had for quite a while to know that.



  1. I'm glad you had good christmas. I hope you had a good start of the new year aswell. :) ♥

  2. sww wow thank you so much <3 that means a lot.

    you too <3


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