Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Feeling better and Beatrix Potter

Im feeling alot better from my last entry, its taken a couple of days stuck in bed and being inspired to help me get back to normal-ish. Ive missed some classes at college not proud of that but its better than breaking down in tears in class and feeling uncomfortable. Im also slowly but surely starting to forget the bad people and getting on with what i want to do. I guess getting things out helped and doing things i enjoy.

Ive also rediscovered my love for Beatrix Potter and her stories i enjoyed as a child, i did not understand them as much as i do now but i suspose i did'nt have to and thats pretty amazing.

What a beautiful person and soul she was.

Her work has inspired me alot lately, im finding myself painting and dreaming of animals, nature, anthromorphisms of half animal and half people.

A couple of nights ago when i was at my lowest an Albino rabbit that had the body of a man in a brown suit with a green tie spoke to me. He asked me things and told me everything would be alright. I think a frog boy was next to him and we were at the end of the path that led towards a wood. I was also very beautiful in my head, i had white beads and decorations of flowers in my hair, i had long flowly hair like i actually should have and i was wearing a beautiful flowly sweet girl dress. I looked like an old fashioned painting like everything else did in my head and had tiny birds sitting on my hands. I think i belong there now.

I might paint it one day but ill never recapture how beautiful the scene was in my head.

Its hard to decide what Beatrix Potter story is my favourite, for some reason The Tale of Jemima Puddle Duck comes to mind often. I dunnos maybe because Jemima reminds me of myself sometimes, that im so naive and trusting and want to be happy.

Ive also noticed that alot of her stories have to deal with life lessons, i might be wrong or being to deep into it, but it might be the case.
As in the tale of Jemima that you should'nt trust strangers and trouble will be in your way in life but you'll get what you want to be happy in the end.

Or that The Tale of Peter Rabbit is to teach you to respect others and to behave or youll get into trouble.

Or that you might find your lost clothes on a scarecrow in Mr McGregors Garden.

Or the tale of Pigling Bland and how that growing up and leaving home can be difficult and scary, just lucky we all are'nt pigs.

Maybe im diving to much into it, but i guess thats what most fairy tales are about to teach Kids lessons on life in a more beautiful and romantic way. With pretty pictures and simple words like their preparing us for life without us knowing it. Yet people still dont understand life or bad things still.

Most fairy tales these days dont do that anymore, their not really beautiful or thoughtful, their more delightful stories or their books to teach kids to write, count, and read.

Beatrix Potter wrote her stories just at the right time with the right form and in the right style. We could'nt imagine her tales with the animal characters running around in jeans, playing computer games, or on the internet. Our day and age has wonderful things and inventions in it, but its not very beautiful, her stories were simple and showed the value of nature in a clever manner. Which is something we take for granted and sadly might not be able to experience it like we used to ever again.

This is why her stories are so loved and still popular today, they keep that beauty and magic that just came naturually to us as children. She was a great lover of the earth and nature and we can see that in her characters, paintings and stories because she put alot of her love into them.

I hope to visit the Lake District one day which is where she spent the rest of her life perserving, and keeping and simply enjoy the way things should look, feel, touch, taste and smell.

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