Saturday, 12 December 2009

Cheeselets are addictive and big laughs

My nephew Liam is pretty awesome, he stays at my house often and we do lots of crazy stuff. Like play video games, eat foods, Internet fun, make stuff up and have our memes with cartoons, internet, expressions, and somehow make it fit in with what were doing somehow.

We did drawings tonight, well i painted and liam did drawings which are one of the best and funniest things ive ever laid eyes on. Ive not laughed that hard in quite a while, well at college i laugh at a lot of stuff, especially when i make crazy cowboy spoof films with my classmates but thats another story. Maybe for another time with another footage.

But yeahs Liams pretty cool i get on with him like i would a friend in a lot of ways, its awesome because its not bad, hes younger so nothing is akward to an extent, nothing is socially unacceptable, you dont have to worry about him backstabbing you or judging you, its pure unadulterated fun which i work on in so many levels.

So yeahs enough with my rambles, here is the images now they might not make a whole lot of sense but i do hope they will be entertaining and make you giggle senselessly as they did for me.

If you must know the first one is obviously Bender from Furture Rama (which is amazing)
The second one is FlapJack From The Marverlous Misadventures of Flapjack.
Billy from The Grim Adventuers of Billy and Mandy.
Uhm..ha..This one is the snake dude from the gang green gang from the powerpuff girls but hes diamond shaped.
Oh god, okies the one in the middle is captain K'Knuckles from flapjack in a scene that its so disturbing its amazing.

13 seconds in is when this moment happens (warning not for the faint of heart and weak of funny bone)
I feel Liam captured this moment in all its glory.

The square looking dude after that its Schnitzel from Chowder.
The guy at the bottom left looking pretty smug is Handsome Squidward.

Need I say more?

And then after that is Hans Moleman from the simpsons saying "Rebristeling" for those of you who understand that.
And then after that a very peanut looking shaped Professor Fondsworth.

Probably the best bit of paper ive ever received.

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